Hail king paimon


actually i did not ask him for anything yet, as in something of mundane. i just asked him if he would be okay to establish a relationship with me.


Same thing you will know he heard you when you begin to get signs that is related or associated to him
And he might appear in your dreams


Here’s my rough sketch of King Paimon too… <3
I have never summoned or interacted with any geotic demons but the first time I heard about King Paimon, I’m really attached to him <3.
He controls the black sun of dark wisdom with his left hand. Let King Paimon illuminate our mind!


That looks amazing!!:+1:t5:


Thank you :blush:
Your sketch is also really good. That inspired me to sketch it too … :blush:


Very nice! Hail King Paimon!


I had 3 full glasses with wine, grapes, and lots of kinds of sweet fruits.
It was a feast!
Thank you for saying that because I felt the same! No Paimon, no Labal no Abalam. Maybe some servants have come because I had some small results, at least I feel I had. I think it was not just Clauneck’s work, I think Paimon’s energy has helped.

PS: although I cannot see or hear them yet, I can feel their presence - in my body or in my chest area (sometimes it hurts a lot, but it’s been getting ‘calmer’), I can many times literally feel the presence of someone in the room, but when I look at it, I see nothing :frowning:
(I started doing EA’s meditation for the 3rd eye yesterday…)


I just asked a similar thing of him. Want to leave a toxic workplace that under pays me and has been stringing me along with my health insurance.

I asked him to get me a job at one of the most notorious companies in my field for treating their employees well.

Problem is I have to start as a temp but no matter I made it clear I want to be a regular employee so I can transfer to a specific state.

Stumbling upon your thread might be the Kings way of telling me not to worry and that he’s on it.


Hail great King Paimon! You are gracious and generous with blessings given to those who have asked with respect and awe.


I like those drawings…