Habit-Changing Spirits

Through operations as simple as sigil magick, one can use demons to change the thoughts and habits of others. So it logically follows that one could do the same with one’s self, yes?

Are there any spirits that are good for helping change one’s own habits? Or would one only need to use the same spirits he uses to manipulate the behaviors of others?


Any spirit that can manipulate others can be used to manipulate your own thoughts and habits as well.

Also, any spirit you have a personal relationship with could help in that regard as well, even if it is not their specialty, because of your close relationship. This seems to be the case with most gods, and spirits such as Azazel and Lucifer.


Is there any way you can look at my ritual and then tell me how to get out of it?

Dude, you have been posting all over the place with questions not related to the subject at hand and still have not done an introduction. Please do so before jumping into any other threads. It is a rule of this forum and required.


@DarkestKnight, so true. Lucifer does that.

So that means that I can use dantalion, orias, and paimon to change myself permanently? Like if I want to be more assertive or kind I can use them? So I can work with them for anything?

Not sure about the mentioned spirits as I haven’t worked with them. I have with Lucifer, n feels like he’s become the voice that tells me what to/not to do when I’m being foolish. :slight_smile:

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These are great suggestions for spirits actually. Thanks :pray:

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