Guys on Shapeshifter path- why did you take it?

When, where and how have You decided that You want to practice magick that allows/will one day allow You to change Your physical body into another form? In my case it was half-calling and half-decussion I’ve made myself. At first I wanted to pursue this path by connecting to various sentient energies but not long ago I’ve recieved a vision from one particular “clan” of shapeshifters that take forms of hyenas, much like African Bultungin’s/Boudas… I have accepted the invitation and from that momment on I allow them to teach me as well as me to teach myself more about that… But I know that there are almost as many types of Shifters and shifting practices, as there are people out there. In ancient times shamans, medicine men and women, sorcerers, witches, magicicians and all kinds of different people had practiced this art on their own way and used to be known all around the country, but now I want to ask YOU… Now that due to this forum the art and wisdom of shifting springs to life yet again, how do You use it, did You had any succeses so far and (if it’s not personal) what kind of animal You’ve chosen as Your alternative form (or forms if it’s more than one)? Let’s just share with eachother, shall we? :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


I found a very good and pleasant fun to myself when I was younger, and I never grew out from this.

I’ve meditate on creatures what see, and completely feel and thinks in that way how they do. For example, when I see a horse running (while I’m sitting in our moving car - I’m not the driver -), by focusing on the creature, I can step out of my body, and feel everything what he does. The fresh, raw ground under his hoof, how his muscles strains, his hair dancing in the wind.

I’m also loved to talk with animals in their own “language”. I spent a lot of time to understand different animal’s special language (-body and voice), then mimic those before them (I communicate with my animals at my home in this way pretty often, and both of them enjoy it but especially my cat and my younger dog, an Amstaff).
I’ve had some weird experiences while doing this in the wild.

Dreams and thoughts where I’m an animal or I’m surrounded by animals or/and I am a part of their pack (so in this case usually wolves, but I’ve encountered coyotes, bears, deers, tigers, owls and ravens as well) are pretty common in my life. I’ve always feel a strong draw towards these thoughts and they’re help me to escape from this modern bullshitery which slowly destroys itself and harms the nature in an extreme ways.

I act animalistic ways in my everyday life sometimes, and in those moments, I really feel myself as an animal what I… “imitate”? (f.e. stalking my prey or attack anyone who is unaware of my presence; I like to play this with my cat or even my family members. Sometimes I waiting for him without any movement for 4-5 minutes when he hides, to catch him when he try to rush out of his hide-out; just lika a leopard you know).

Cannibalism also popped up in my mind several time. Of course it doesn’t represent my actual diet.

Personally I don’t want to stuck with one animal shape. I want to use that animal’s form which is the more useful in my actual situation or reaching goal. However wolves, coyotes and tigers are my favorite ones (you can’t find the last two in our wildlife).

Andras came into my life, and showed his presence to me in his own special way. I figured out last day, that he is connected to these:

Andras is a psychopomp who can teach and empower necromancy , mind control, shapeshifting , the concealment of things

I never meant to work with him. He just showed up suddenly, and I didn’t know anything about him before. This is not coincidence, and I’m so glad he is here. :black_heart::wolf: However, it is still hard to believe. I mean… why would I deserve his attention and time?


What is this shapeshifter path?

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Hey, excellent. Congratulations :heart_eyes: Andras sounds like an amazing being. Maybe he has seen a potential in You? :heart_eyes:

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I am so sorry if my words were confusing :broken_heart: What I ment is, who of You who practice physical shapeshifting would like to share Your experiences, why You decided to become a shapeshifter and what is/are the form/s You take :slight_smile:

Yes, he is an amazing being and works extremely fast, however I read lot of posts and comments about you have to be careful with him.

Others described him as a serious, cheeky, intimidate, violent and blunt demon. I’m pretty sure that he is good at to make you develop fast

Good question. It might be possible, however I don’t really know, why. I don’t mean to waste his time and patience, so I trust in him and in that he knows what is he doing. :black_heart::wolf:

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Mostly due to my connection to The Morrigan :slight_smile: But also the other various mysteries of the shifter. You can apply it to your energy, your mind, etc. Shapeshifting is actually a very flexible art that can extend past physical stuff too.

I have a wolf form, phoenix form, Crow(s) form, and a demon form.


Wow… Phoenixes allowed You to have a form of one of them? That have to feel like a great honor :heart_eyes: Phoenix energy destroys human consciousness and being so if it is true that they allowed You to take on their form… I think that You may secretily belong to their kind, but Idk for sure, if You are, You should always feel a pull towards them… Idk I am not the one to say XD I will develop many forms, aside of Hyena I am also working on Bear and Feline form (most likely a tiger or a lion, or maybe jaguar- these 3 I had seen most often recently in my visions). But I am planning more if the energies will allow me or when my magick will be strong enough :grin:

I’ve found myself spiritually to have a Raven form, Stag form, snake form, wolf form, among other forms. Mainly polymorphic in nature.


This is so beautiful :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::snake: I LOVE snakes :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes:

I’m curious to know what you do when you shift I’ve never shift before I a thing I’ve been wanting to do

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I do too to be honest :blush:

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