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I plan on working with Andras so I’ve been researching him for a bit now. The other night I played his enn (so I could learn it) and ended up falling asleep with it on. Woke that morning feeling a horrible mix of anger, sadness & this awful gnawing feeling in my stomach. I could not shake it and actually stayed home. After a few hours I called on Archangel Michael to destroy those feelings I was having and while I felt 90% better, I was still having the nagging feelings of anger/sadness. Usually one call to Michael and any negative feelings I’m having are totally gone. I later called on him once again and only then did those feelings go away. Then throughout the day I keep getting signs of Andras.

It then dawned on me that perhaps listening (and at points repeating) his enn through the night may have caused that? Perhaps just by listening to his enn I opened up that connection to him… I don’t know for certain.

This will be the first spirit I call on without using Gordon Winterfield’s methods (using angels) because I’ve read that Andras absolutely hates that. Do you think it will be okay to call on Michael to keep any lingering effects away AFTER I’ve called on Andras? Or should I ask his Shem angel to do so? I just don’t want those feelings to hit me again and I definitely don’t want them to spill out onto my family.

Andras is a very powerful violent yet tactical being.
I have worked with him for a year- and yes, you will experience mood changes, agitatation, aggression- many other facets of his energy.
This is why purging and proper sending away is important.
It will manifest itself in your dreams, thoughts and outward expression.
It is good that you’ve become aware of it.
Simply remember to properly cut the connection each time and cleanse your energy.
Also tell him you do not desire to be consumed by his presence only enlightened.
I’d be interested to hear how your commune goes/)


Andras heard your call and was connecting to you.

Realize that rage feeds on anger. Spirit forces connect through the most direct means possible and tune themselves to the energy that aligns most with their being.

Because of Andras’ nature, you were drawing him into your life. You were right to ask Michael to redirect him. It wouldn’t have been good for you to have Andras manifesting in your life like that.

I said it before and i’ll say it again: don’t call Andras, send him. I’ve worked with Andras a bunch of times and don’t get the anger or sadness because i send him when i call, so he doesn’t come to me, he goes directly to the perp and they deal with his wrath.


Thank you, it was definitely not intended to connect/just call him - sounds silly since I was using his enn, but in the past I’ve done the same thing (listen to the enn just to learn it) and have never had any sort of connection/feeling at all. I’m hoping that it’s a good sign that he’ll be ready to work with me.

I’m guessing my personal anger towards my targets was just enough to change that though. I will definitely be sending him to someone when I call on him and I can only hope he brings that pain plus much more to the person I’m asking him to go after …because that was no joke!


Thank you for your reply! I will certainly keep you updated on how things go.

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