Guys, I'm going to curse someone

Fellow respectful witches and magick expert, i have made up my mind after many years and consideration. I’m going to curse someone who is a trash. He bribes many people and make a fortune through real estate etc. He had caused many deaths (including those people who were close to me) by dragging them to court and eventually persecuted by the law unjustly. So on and so forth.

Long story short, i’m prepared for this. My resolve is strong and nothing can persuaded me otherwise. I’m gonna put an end to this trash, i’m still a noob when it comes to witchcraft, i have devised a few spell, mantra and methods of my own out of creativity and i want to share one of them with you all for guidance. Please do tell me your methods which are more effective and more destructive.

This is one of the few methods, the most simple one that i have in my mind:

  1. Write his name on a paper

  2. curse him

  3. stab the name on the paper

  4. soak the paper in vinegar and lime

  5. read the navagraha suktam in Sanskrit from the Vedas, a Mantra dedicated to Agni, Aditya, Sun, Sukra and Indra for blessing

  6. Throw the said Paper in the fire


Please Tell me what’s wrong with my method, and do share your methods, i’m begging you all, senior and respectful wizards

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@ELINDRA I edited your title so it couldn’t be taken out of context :+1:

Have you used baneful magick before?


I’ve never curse someone directly like this before


Please share your experiences and what methods do you used in details so that i can learn further and gain more knowledge

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I’ve not used baneful magick before but C Kendall has a series on it on his YouTube channel. They’re excellent and he explains it very well. Check it out if you haven’t ^^


You’re a witch, yeah? There is the Cord of Nine. Evoke King Belial and ask him about this, he hates those who abuse power, he is also good with legal matters. If you need to stay out of the spotlight, call on King Bael as well.

Bind them to a poppet in a bag of cayenne pepper and poison ivy leaves (careful handling). Or obtain their hair, and write their name on a piece of paper, then place the hair on top of the paper, fold the paper and burn it, with intent that they go up in flames.

I also wrote a death curse, for gossipers about my business, but it could be edited to fit your needs. You can find it by searching AGILIAREPT or by searching Fuego Death Curse.

Vovins Freezer Spell can be found via the search button at the top. Magnifying glass icon.

Or curse the person to a life of poverty and misfortune, Im under this and still doing alright, but an example of hitting them where it hurts.


I greatly appreciate that, i really do. Hope to be in your guidance as well as others here from now on as well.

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I don’t really curse people that often but the best curse I’ve performed so far was actually the easiest one. Knot magic. You’ll need a piece of thread (of the color you see fit for your work, but I believe red and black are the universal choice) and your imagination as with every knot you tie on the thread, you tie a knot on some spheres of your victim’s life (or on their life in general).

As for the rest inventory, I’d say pick whatever connects you to the case better. There are many ways to use knot magic and you can find a lot of them online but the most important is your intention and the thread. I personally went with a candle, wrote the name of the victim on it, tied the thread around the candle, used a few droplets of my blood to enhance the effect of the curse and burned the candle. Be careful with the blood though, I was scolded for ‘wasting blood on stupid things’ by a certain spirit. Oh, and don’t forget to clean yourself off of negative energies after the work is done. Hope it helps. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like to help you here.

Considering that, as you mentioned yourself, you are not yet super-familiar with the subject, I would recommend working with Sigil Magick.

I, personally, hate abuse of all kinds, and when someone reaches levels of depravity that I realize I can’t do anything “mundane” about it, I try to contain all the anger I have, I look for a spirit who can help me with this, I draw his sigil I summon the spirit with that anger in my body, imagining what that shit did, to me or my loved ones.
Once the spirit comes (believe me, it always comes), tell it what you want.

Small side-note: don’t be too restrictive; do you want them dead? Destroyed? Want them to suffer? Stay on these things, don’t be too detailed in this, and also don’t give dates or deadlines, let the spirit act as it sees fit.

As for the “who” to call, here is a list of spirits that I contacted, and who did a great job (I’ll put some small details, to give you an idea of ​​how they helped me):

  1. Great Earl Raum:
    My first target went into divorce, the second lost his job

  2. Marquis Andras:
    My target’s company plunged into the most asoslute chaos: resignation, general hysteria, well, funny!Lol

  3. Grand President Marbas
    My target first contracted a foot infection, staying at home for 3 weeks; now he has constant tooth infections (he’s in the office with me, so he’s always complaining, other fun stuff).

  4. High King Belial:
    with him (and with Lucifer) I learned a method that combines psychic vampirism with the “contamination” of a specific chakra of the target. It is probably something that has already been explained in this forum, but I found it very effective, so worth mentioning! I noticed, working with him, that Belial appreciates the baneful approach, not towards anyone of course (and not for the fun of it), the target must deserve it

To conclude, there are some interesting books that deal with Baneful Work also requiring the intervention of angels / archangels. (Archangel Michael is terrifying, for example)
If the idea tickles you, I recommend Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield; in principle, all the books in the Gallery of Magick are easy in practice, so they are a good start.

Hope it helps
Good luck!


Some other few side notes, because I forgot in the previous comment, sorry:

-I advise you to burn the seal only after what you asked for has come true.

-You can, if you wish, improve the relationship with the spirit through a small offer (it is not absolutely necessary): even simply energy, a square of chocolate, a glass of wine, beer, something like that

PPS: As always, everything I’ve written to you is derived from my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt; the thing that matters most is your experience, and how YOU change the reality around you! So do the magic, don’t build expectations, and enjoy the result: I cheer for you!


Lucifer Faustus amazon kindle,some are free if u buy kindle subscription cheap,chk tis author books

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Thank you, you seem knowledgeabke and has so much wisdom to learn from. I’m just a humble noob in front of you, can we be friends? I would like to ask you things from now on along my journey. Magick is very much technology, it depends on how we use them. In itself it’s neither good, nor bad.

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Im working on make someone insane,but have a lot ,in his seal book,

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Ok ok, I’m not that good, I assure you! I’m pretty new myself Lol

Seriously, I’ve been here for about a year, I don’t even have half the training of some members in this forum; but if I can, my advice is

"Always treat yourself like a noob, but don’t bury yourself in humility."

As you progress, in the forum and in the arts, you will notice that there is always something to learn, so don’t get down on it! Take it as a challenge.

And most importantly, we are all friends in this forum; all are available to those who ask (always kindly and in the proper way, of course). You have no idea how many times the forum members have helped me, often without even having to ask! :slight_smile:

When you have a doubt, look in the forum, someone has most likely been there before you, you will find the answers; otherwise ask, and someone will surely answer you!
We help each other here!


Really, i’m new to this forum myself but the people herr are bunch of nice people. The only is that we don’t know each other in real life, i thank everyone here for being such a good helper for me and others.

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Your planned ritual sound fine. I might add, at some point, maybe during the changing of the mantras, visualise the target in a situation where the curse has worked, feel how you will feel knowing it is done, see every aspect of your success in your mind and heart, as strongly as you can.

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I would just suggest that you keep your intentions close to heart and magnify your feelings throughout the curse-making. What I mean is make sure you’re feeling these feelings of anger, frustration, etc. when you do this. Don’t do it and be thinking about what’s for dinner, do it and mean it. Give it your everything. Intention is super powerful.

Best luck!

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