Guide on Astral Space Manipulation

even tho this is designed digitally to work with designed landscapes,
the mechanisms it uses are working on Astral Plane,
for manipulation of objects and space.

How do i know that?
because I’m using some of the techniques since years now.

For example, casting a solid ground beneath my feet, when I walk stairs in the real world,
protecting me from falling of missing a step,
while at the same time allowing for extremely fast movement.

Anyone who knows’s me in person could testify that,
since I use it almost daily.




That’s copied from an old M. C. Escher print - not designed digitally, he drew by hand, usually graphite on paper, before computers existed. He did a lot of art exploring geometry like that.


i know that the systematics aren’t new, my brother did those paintings when i was around 8 years old.

However, the way he presented it,
actually workable enviorment, which you can place someone inside,
is new. He even mentioned, he had to program the base program to be able to make it.

You don’t craft tools, to craft something which is already there since a long time.

Thank you very much for your addition,




That’s fine, I just want you to give credit where credit’s due. It’s only fair.

I’m not even addressing the fact that you just said you can levitate over missing steps. Why you have missing steps to levitate over I don’t know either - wouldn’t it be less effort to just fix it?

You don’t craft tools, to craft something which is already there since a long time.

That makes no sense. Tools to craft tool exist to make tools to make more of the same things, over and over again. Many people want the same things, and then they wear out and need replacing, of course you make tools to make what already exists. I don’t think what you just said is what you meant.


The time stamp inside the video to which i was refering is 3:55 until 4:08.

The video itself is already on making a tool for a specific problem,
at that time stamp he adresses he had to make a tool to be able to make that.

You See?

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:thinking: interesting! I have seen these black and white shapes! On my endless astral travel attempts…


What are you trying to say here I’m confused?

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Well, it’s supposed to help people learning to fold space,
change it’s bahvior, while out of body.
It’s also going to be implemented in illusion casting,
as far as i see.

There will be cases, where people will think they’re drugged out,
while actually being in illusions,
casted by sorcerers nearby.

You know, the good stuff. :smiling_imp:




I don’t think he’s using non-euclideon right, it just means geometry on a sphere.

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Spherical geometry is non-Euclidean, yes, but there are other types too, like hyperbolic geometry that takes place on space curved like a saddle: