Guide me on not to be lazy


How do you fight laziness? What are your theories on it ? What spirit can help in over coming laziness?

Any suggestions and replies will be appreciated and will help me understand human psych more profoundly

Thank you !!

Is it laziness or I’d it depression? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out because signs of depression have a stigma surrounding it that it is just laziness.

If it’s just laziness, you have to want to improve yourself enough to force your way out of it.

Give yourself a list of things you want to do and commit yourself to doing them with a timer set. Start with ten minutes and build yourself up. It will become habit.

If it’s depression, you’ll have to go see a professional as well as learn coping mechanisms and set up a program to heal.


Depends on the situation, but answering the question, motivation & hope helps me fight laziness.

By stop postponing.
Saturn helped me a lot with that, he’s not taking any excuse for not doing what you have to do. His ways are strict, but the discipline sticked with me even till now, and I’ve stopped working with him daily for 1.5 year now.
Setting an alarm for starters help.
Another thing to do is, think right now one thing you have to do but you’re postponing it for some time. Now count from 1 till 5. Get up and go do it.

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Pick up a copy of the book The Now habit and follow it.


Summon a demon and ask them to torture you if you are lazy. It works well(joking)


Belphegor is supposedly good for making someone unlazy.

Move ya butt!

When I’m feeling lazy, I still have a sense of extreme anxiety about certain projects and tasks I haven’t finished. So, I’ve resolved to finish the most unpleasant tasks first. One the worst task is done, the anxiety begins to fade. Attack the worst tasks first, no matter how awful. That can help with laziness.

  1. Read The Now Habit, and you’ll discover that laziness doesn’t exist - don’t argue, just do it! :+1:

  2. Are you “lazy” all the time? If there are times when you’re not “lazy” - how do you know when to be “lazy”?

  3. What would it take in those times to not be “lazy” and to take action?

  4. Forget expecting to have comfy fee-fees all the time before acting - the good feelings come AFTERWARDS. Motivation is great when you have it, but sometimes you have to push through what the whiny toddler inside wants, forever seeking new and shiny things, and just commit.


I’m not depressed. I guess I just procastinate or find a way to logically delay the thing. But I’ll research on it more. Thank you for help. It helped alot.

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Thank you for helping!

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I definitely procastinate logically! I need to use the technique you’ve mentioned. Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Just got the book! Gonna reading now. Thank you the advice!


Hmm I’ll research in this more! Thank you what you’re advice!

Yup gotta do that, after so many tips!

Makes sense, it’s just like in fight, when the big guy is out, small guys can be handled easily! Thank you for your help!

You’re right. I got the book! I’m gonna read it! True pointer you’ve mentioned above. Thank you for you’re help!

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Yes, de-stressing the situation does work. Thank you for your help mate.