Guidance from Lucifer - where should I start?

Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right thread to post this.

So I finally managed to contact Lucifer (it took me a few attempts) and ask for some guidance.

I won’t go into detail about the conversation in this post, but you can read more about it in my journal section if you’re interested.

In a nutshell, he told me to find out more about my ancestors, look into Necromancy and get in touch with Naamah.

In my humble and inexperienced opinion, this sounds like a lot! From what I have learned so far, you better don’t jump into Necromancy or the Qliphoth just for the sake of jumping into something.

Even contacting your ancestors can turn out to be, let’s say, an unpleasant experience. At least, that’s what some say…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for him pointing me in a direction and I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I feel it’s a lot to handle.

Also I don’t understand why Necromancy. This hasn’t been on my radar. I don’t think waking the dead is something I can handle at the moment.

I get the thing with the ancestors and this is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now. I’m of African and Slavic descent and find it difficult to create a path for myself to walk where both bloodlines have their place. I don’t even know if it’s possible to combine African & Slavic traditions…

Also Naamah, from what I have read, is about feminine energy, empowerment and is kind of connected to Necromancy. But also not to be messed with blindly.

So my question is, what would you suggest to start with? I don’t want to risk going crazy by jumping into things I know nothing about. I do have a background in the RHP, but when it comes to the LHP, I feel like a newborn learning to walk at the moment.

Yes, I have summoned the search function for Necromancy, Ancestral Veneration & the Qliphoth :wink:. I just don’t know where to start and have no one around who is interested in the occult…

Each and every hint/suggestion/advice is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Well…first of all…congrats on the contact!!! Now, let’s take this one step at a time:

Your dead relatives

the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future

(I don’t have information on Naamah…so I won’t talk about that)

It is indeed quite a bit. And yes, SPIRITUALITY in general is not something to jump into just for the sake of it…especially darker stuff.

This is only if you go into it from the wrong perspective. Your ancestors are already with you. Working with them is your birthright. They are in your blood, in your life and are already guiding you even when you don’t realize it. So there is no reason to fear…literally your ancestors have been with you since birth, and you can’t escape them…you wouldn’t be here without them. In fact, they are in your top 3 most important spiritual relationships…no matter what path you follow.

Ancestors get potentially dangerous when if/when you deal with your ancestors who are unwell in spirit. Which is why when you deal with them, you will call only you ancestors who are well. And you will do a lot of ancestral healing.

If you want more info on all this…send me a PM.

You are not being disrespectful. Spirituality is indeed a lot and comes with a lot of responsibility…definitely not for the lazy or weak of heart/mind. But it also is not as much as you are making it out to be. It’s complex, but a lot more simple than you think.

Refer back to the definitions above. Ancestor reverence is a form of necromancy. Having a shrine to your ancestors,invoking them in prayer, meditation and ritual, making offerings, divining with them, etc…is all a basic form of necromancy. It is communication with the spirits of the dead…your families dead…That may be what He is referring to. I’d say do some research and study. He said look into…not practice…do some study without feeling in a rush to practice advanced necromancy. At this stage you are just getting information, expanding your horizons etc…as you study you will find the way you should go.

Don’t look at it as waking the dead…they are already thriving. It is communication and getting their guidance and support just like any other spirit.

Both bloodlines already have their place, because they are what make you up. You don’t have to right away worry about trying to PRACTICE each tradition…you can merely do specific rituals to honor each bloodline. When you do ritual…just simply state who you are doing it for. Other than that…start doing a lot of research about your ancestry, Africa, and the Slavic world. As you connect with your Ancestors as a whole and individually, they will begin to guide you to where you need to be.

(My information is given from experience. I am a part of a tradition that focuses heavily on ancestral reverence.)

By now, I’m sure you can guess my answer…but I’ll tell you anyway. Start with your Ancestors. Get really strong with them, and then let them guide you from there.

Send me a PM if you want to talk more in detail or if you have questions! Hope this helps!


First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write such an elaborate response! I really appreciate it!

What are the other two?

How would I know? Is there a way to find out how they’re doing before I try to contact them? And what do you mean by unwell?

If that’s too complex to answer here, I’ll reach out via PM, because there are definitely some things I would love to know…

Hahaa, that might be true :sweat_smile: I have a tendency to overthink & overcomplicate things…

Yes, that’s true. Maybe I got carried away by the many possibilities this might lead to…

That makes sense. Thanks again for your time and advice.

Now I would like to know how Naamah fits into this. Maybe anyone who already worked with her and/or the qliphotic path has an idea and is willing to share?

Absolutely! I’m glad I could help.

Typically, if they have died from unnatural causes, with a lot of unresolved issues etc…they may very well be unwell. See what it feels like when you communicate with them. If you are the only one in your family that has dealt with them for generations…then they probably need a lot of ancestral healing work done. But if you have someone who passed away and you know they were a good, upstanding person (not perfect of course) that lived well, and did good in their lives…they are probably well. If you don’t know any of your dead relatives, and therefore do not know if they are well or not…I would suggest that when you pray and call to them…say something to the effect of “I’m calling out to all my ancestors of light and love. I’m calling to those ancestors who are well in spirit and well intentioned. I call to those ancestors who lived righteous lives and were of good character.”…something to that effect.

Just as an example of why you want to do this and where the problems can come from…Imagine that you have an ancestor who was a murderer (not out of self defense, but attack, or bad character), or maybe a rapist…is this someone who you think you would want there influence in your life…probably not. Keep in mind that when you start communicating with your ancestors, they will begin to have more and more influence in your life…you might not want all those influences. Send me a message and we’ll go over it more in depth.

Feel free, I’ll answer whatever I can and give more details etc!

  1. Your higher self; the part of you that is still connected to the divine
  2. Your Ancestors
  3. The Spirits of the pantheon you choose to work with (If that tradition has a messenger spirit, or one that is over the crossroads…that’s the first most important then everyone else. Ex. Esu/Ellegua from the Ifa/Santeria traditions; Papa Legba from Vodoun; just as examples)

I did not include God in that because in my tradition that is a given and it is believed that the Spirits of our pantheon are in fact manifestations of God.

Of course!

Good Luck. I have no idea!!! lol

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Thanks again. I’ll send you a PM in a bit.

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