Grimorium Verum knives

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This is a mole… it’s a blind mammal that generally lives underground. :smiley: Pimpernels are a kind of flower.

What should be understood about these really old grimoires, is they are full of blinds and code, and were not meant to be taken so literally. These are to obscure the information from the uninitiated. In this case being “initiated” meant you had a teacher that could explain the symbolism. They didn’t want the information getting into the “wrong” hands. So they coded it and what you get, if taken literally, is garbage… garbage that very amusingly has you messing about wasting time hunting for obscure ingredients and putting rotting and vile things in your mouth that will probably make you sick (see the invisibility spell). I guess these people liked to have a laugh.

The task is to find out what mole’s blood represents symbolically and energetically. Think of what a mole is and does. Look up the correspondences, I would expect Earth to feature heavily in this, and go from there.