Grimorium Verum knives


I’m working with JSK’s version of the Grimorium Verum and I want to know if anyone else here has made the knives according to the instructions in that version.

I want to make one but I am also willing to pay for one if the price is right.

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Forgive me as I’m not aware of the Grimorium Verum and its instructions. Is that the one where you have to mine the coal and ore and learn to be a blacksmith so that you can make your own sword/knife?

Who could be bothered? Whatever the instructions are in said book these instructions will be aimed at consecration. I mean, your knife is going to be consecrated if you have to learn how to work metals to make it, isn’t it?

Purchase a knife and consecrate it yourself. Full metal knives are great or you can make and substitute your own (wooden) handle on a synthetic handle knife, if you like. Back in the day your Magickal knife was used for all cutting herbs, collecting bark and sap, carving and ritual. I recommend something practical. Sleep with it under your pillow and carry it with you during the day until a connection is formed.



There are two knives - one is to be bought or made on a Thursday during the hour of Jupiter. It is to be quenched in mole’s blood and juice of pimpernel.

The other is to be made or bought on a Tuesday and there are some things to engrave in the handle and blade itself.

I am more interested in the first one than the second one and I would prefer to observe the instructions in the manuscript, regardless of how archaic they may seem today in 2018

And avoid metal detectors and X-ray machines!

I have worked with g.v. Jake Stratton Kent edition.
I have done everything according to the instructions in the book.
The hardest ones was the knife and the wand from the virgin hazel.
To make the knife i found the last blacksmith in my town and i arrange an appointment the right day and time for making the knife. I also provide him the liquid with the mole blood to dip in the knife.


That’s awesome I literally commissioned a blacksmith to make the knives for me on the right day, right time and with the right materials.

I should have them in a few weeks.

Good job.

Have you begun working with the spirits yet?

Yes i have.
Actually i was working with gv the last ten years.
Have you done the hazel want?

there are many hobby knife makers out there. some of them have a forge. some buy metal bars and cut them.

very few people making metal from red dirt. that procedure is covered on youtube. you could try to get a piece of wrought iron from a fence maker (that is the metal you would have if you reduced red dirt), but most iron fence makers use a cheap factory steel and call it wrought iron. you can find real wrought iron in antiques and junk yards.

yes I am a hobby knife junky. :hugs: I got a big list of equipement that I may never be able to buy to set up a proper metal shop :cowboy_hat_face: power hammers aren’t cheap, neither are hydrogen pumps or cryo-cold heads.

but you can go cheap. get a 5 pound coffee can. put a plastic pipe in the middle, pour some cement and you got a forge big enough for a knife. cheap charcoal from Wallyworld or the tree in the back yard are hot enough to melt steel. you just have to pile it on for a while.

This grimoire has been on my book list for a long time. haha if it involves metal, maybe it should get bumped to the top.

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Yeah I have both wands. I commissioned someone in London to make them for me.

The approach I am taking now is using the “Divination by Word of Uriel” to establish a relationship with that archangel so they can guide me through the rest of the process while I wait for the other tools to be made.

If I time it right, I’ll have my first character and pact written up by the time I receive the knives.

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Wishing you good luck.
If you need any advice feel free to contact me.

Definitely bump it up to the top of the list bud.

This sounds like it’s right up your alley!

Um, you think of it as a person forging knives, but what if it is you who are put into the furnace and forged. That is the experience I had, Tools can use you (instead of the other way around.)
(someone said, don’t get those characters wet in the water, especially Astaroth, and I can say that can be very powerful, and potentially dangerous under the wrong conditions.)

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This question can only come from who has been thrust into to the fires and coals of the process and hammered into a weapon sharp enough to fuck up the heads of those that aren’t ready for such a thing.

Great question and conversation starter.

What is pimpernel? I couldn’t fully understand because my english is poor

What is pimpernel? I couldn’t fully understand because my english is poor.

It’s a type of flowering plant.


thank you very much for your quick reply :yellow_heart:

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Notice is has five petals.

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thank you :pray:

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