Grimoires of the Far East, Africa, the Americas and Pre-Abrahamic Grimoires of Europe and the Middle East

I am looking for some grimoires dealing with cultures of the Far East, Africa and Americas. I am looking for established grimoires that have been around for 100 years or more. These grimoires have stood the test of time and proved their truth while modern ones tend to come from unproven and dubious sources. I am aware of the many of the European and Middle Eastern grimoires dealing with the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. Although I would be interested in any that predate those such as Persian, Egyptian, Roman or Greek grimoires.


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Pre-Abrahamic? As in first known publication or documentation?
Hmm…could be tricky because the first known Biblical writings that would become part of the Old Testament date back to almost 1500 years BC. You could try the Vedas but they too were first documented around roughly the same time. The Rigveda, written around 1500 BC, is currently recognised as the oldest full spiritual text. However, history is constantly being revised, so who knows.
However, if you include Shamanism, then you could go back 10,000 years to around 8,000 BC. It’s pretty hard to source specific systems from that period but their elements made their way into the religions that evolved from them. So just look at early religions and their origins – you’ll get the idea. There’s no book or grimoire from before 1500 BC at the moment. You gotta remember that reading and writing are relatively new in the overall in timeline of humanity so asking for documentation from 5,000 BC may be a tall order.

maybe im wrong,but i think the -Greek magickal papyri-is one of them that you describe.
Also the Orphic hymns texts is another old grimore that i know is very very old.

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The Vedas are the earliest writings that include spells. There is a lot that’s not translated from Sanskrit, but researching yoga (the lifestyle not the western version that’s just asanas) should be something.