Gremory or Sallos?

Hi, i’ve got one question, who is better to call for a lasting and serious relationship? I had taken a liking to Gremory, i heard she is amazing and that she helps with relationships and emotions, however now i saw a few posts where it’s said she is more after lust rather than love? So can i ask her for long lasting love matters? Because i’ve read she can give some quite deep conversations too, so i thought she might help with that as well. Can someone tell me what are her skills? And Sallos’s?
I also read Gremory can “bind” hearts, like, can someone elaborate on that too please?


And what their characters are like? What do they like or hate when someone request something specific of them? Do they also do mind control stuff? Sorry for the many questions. I’d be grateful for some help so i know what to do and who to ask.

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I enjoy them both. As for binding hearts, I am pretty sure both entities could do that. However binding is like… not really the best. I would recommend Sallos if you’re less experienced because he’s very open and caring IMO.


Can i ask why you think binding is bad? Like, i’m not saying i would do it, i’m just curious as to what it does/means. And thank you for the help!


I don’t think anything about human nature is permanent or lasting except for the fact that we’re so indecisive. When casting a binding spell on someone, it’s just a lot of unnecessary tie, IMO. I don’t want to be tied to anyone like that. Some people see it as keeping the person close. I see it as a literal prison.

Love spells aren’t guaranteed to work. So think of all the stress you’re gonna undergo when you’re tied to someone who won’t seem to get their shit together. Constantly immensely close to them, but always just out of reach. Yes, you can cut them back off again but… it’s just easy to go for obsession rather than love with binding. Like, people call marriage a ball and chain. Binding is the most literal ball and chain imaginable.

Also I’m kind of a weenie and am way more RHP than LHP (more moral hangups). I don’t find being bound to someone or binding someone to me attractive because it just feels wrong. Swaying their will to make them consider an option more? Sure. But completely breaking it down and causing them to do something they’d never ever do? That I’m less enthused about.

But ultimately it is one’s decision! I avoid it because I am a huge worry wart and am generally opposed to that kind of dynamic. I can and do use magic to expedite situations, but I’m not comfortable ever removing someone’s free will. Totally my own thing and not at all a hard and fast rule for anyone else. Plus it’s easy to fuck up love spells when inexperienced because humans are stupidly complex.

I rambled a fucking lot but I hope it answers your question!


I asked and you explained, you helped me a lot with your answers! Thank you very much for your help!