Hello. I’m told that introducing myself here is a good thing to do, so… here I go.

I’m the Rev. Dr. Eddie Romanov. Yes, I really am ordained. Don’t be too impressed. My ordination and Doktorate of the Forbidden Sciences are via The Church of The SubGenius.

I’m fairly active in the occult community over on Reddit, where I’m known as SilensInTenebris (Lat. “Silence in shadow.”)

I practice something I describe as Left-Hand Path Luciferian Gnosticism and call Lilin Witchcraft. Basic idea is that Lilith and Samael/Lucifer are the actual creators of everything and our true spiritual parents. YHVH (and all RHP gods/spirits) are the demiurge, who took this world that was meant to be our school and playground and turned it into a prison where our only escape is to become hollow vessels for YHVH’s monstrous ego.

The path for us is primarily qliphothic with the sitra achra or “Tree of Death” in fact being the true and original Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Life is the perverted, unbalanced counterfeit. Along with that, I practice demonic evocation and invocation, divination via tarot and runes, energy work, and practical enchantment (including curses.)

I guess that’s everything for now. Happy to be here.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

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