Greetings , im new here and need help

Hi there, im new here and am in need of some serious help figuring something out. Ok, so, about 10 years ago i got my first tattoo, it was a random picture out of a magic book. I now know what its called. It is called 'the goetic circle of black evocations and pacts(I did not have the 4 names tattooed on me and its on the left side of my back, I also thought it looked cool and had no intention of doing the ritual). So there was an invisible force pushing on my bed, i got frustrated and slashed the air with a pair of scissors and yelled aloud ‘leave me alone who ever you are or i will harm you’ (Big mistake, i know now). Then i heard a hissing noise and felt something invisible try to strangle me, something jumped into my heart and thats when i began to see the face and hear voices. The first thing i remember it saying was that his blood (Christ’s) will wash away the pain (it does not and Christ was a real man on earth in the past, a son of god) . Now me , im tough (Or so i thought i was strong) But i had no idea what was happening and started to cry. So this was almost a year now that i have been talking to spirit and i have learned may things (Things which they say i should only tell if i think i trust) . So i am asking for magical, spiritual help i getting the spirit voices away, or finding a way to tell how they really are. If interested i may divulge some things, cuz i had so many weird things happen and a song came to me called ‘the darkness behind of you’ and i suddenly got good at playing guitar and singing at the same time, and im an ok guitarist and been playing since i was 14-15 ish. Please Reach out to me and tell me somebody has an answers…

By the way, i was athiest/agnostic before all this, but now i am spiritual /polythiest. Is it wrong to believe in more than one god? The spirits would not let me sleep for what seemed like 8 days and i was told to prey, i preyed to the god of the Bible, Jesus christ, and yahwea along with Egyptian gods, norse and greek god, hindu too. So i didn’t know that one of the 10 commandments is ‘thou shalt not prey to any other gods before me’, i learned after preying. Then because i could not sleep i had a mental breakdown and kept chanting ‘socialism leads to communism, leads to world war 3’ while holding my right hand up and going in circles rightward (Looking back i laugh about it now). My mothers that i was visiting had to call the ambulance cuz she had no idea, i was taken to the mental help ward hospital and so many weird things happened there. Met a gal who swore she heard my name before and agreed that the middle path is the best path. Also i was decieved and told i had no choice but to ‘hail satan’ 7 times with my left hand up because hell was empty and there were 2 woman waiting for me to re-populate earth. I now know i had the choice not to and was decieved by possibly the devil, whats weird was i had 3 claw marks on my left hand from breaking the glass of a fire alarm because i was told he was comming to get me. Please Someone plz have something i can learn. Another weird thing also is i recently read corpus hermeticum by Hermes tris megestus and it makes total sense that god, the real god , is the mind of the universe. Also learned about tree of life and became interested in so many things i was not before…

Welcome @JustJustin36 Please tell us about yourself. This doesn’t really meet our requirement for a proper introduction.

Where are you from?

Is getting the tattoo and the sudden appearance of “spirit voices” your only experience in magick, or do you actually practice something?

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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Sorry if it dont meet requirements.

Im from Oshawa Ontario Canada. Yes its my only experience with the occult, but i had no idead magic was really real. I know now about the left hand path and right hand paths alittle bit. I have been told by the spirits not to practice black magic, as it does bad things like curses and hexes…

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the BALG forum. I’m from Canada as well, the Wet Coast :slight_smile:

As for your problem, give this a try:


No, not true…not true at all. While you’re here, please take a moment to educate yourself on what magick entails, and if you have any questions that can’t be answered by utilizing the search function, please feel free to create a topic.

Welcome to the forum, great to have you here, by the way :wave:t5:

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I was redirected here from watching orlee stewarts videos on topics of magic, so i came to this website ‘become a living god’ in hopes that i could get some answers from somebody more knowledged in magic than me. I am so interested in learning more, i have been seeing numerology since this began (3, 33, 333, 1111, and 42. Been seeing 222 and 555 as well but not as much ), the spirits are still telling me things but i have learned to live with them. Better to be friends then enimies i told them. I learned that deja vu happens (And boy has it happened quite a bit but not so much since i got out of the looney bin) because this has happened b4 and it may happen again possibly when our universe ends and begins again. I learned that the hindu god brahma creates while Vishnu perserves and shiva destroys the universe so a new one can be created. But i do not know who my true god is and spirits say my afterlife will be so messed up for preying to so many at once. Am i a messenger of the gods or spirit? They say we , humanity, all of us have to get our collective stuff together before something so bad happens we cant fix, like artificial intelligence. I have been made to pick up garbage because of my bad karma and almost was tricked into it being a deal, but because im not getting anything out of the deal i dont believe in it. Learned that words and emotions we all say and feel have more physical impacts than we know and if you think in your head spirit can hear you (Every word you say is connected to a memory and spirit can see everything you’ve ever done) , so be careful with your thoughts and emotions. Also , if the f word , f u c k is a real curse word, then dont ever swear with any gods names or angles or demons cuz it originally meant ‘to strike’ and your striking with words when you use the ‘fornication under consent king’ word. Words create vibrations in the world around us…

Spirits can make you psychic for real…

Spirits have told me white magic can be something as simple as blessing somebody or possibly even preying. The energy involved with black magic is dark or black, white magic is light. The spirits dont want me divulge any more as i may anger them , and i recently came to believe that ’ i dont want to anger (Anger is wrath, a sin) I dont want to offend, i dont want to incur violence hatred or malice ’ just incase hell is real… Spirit is very real, so whats the chance gods and the devil, heaven and hell are real too?

Also i saw the duality between so many things, for instance ’ light vs dark, life vs death, hot vs cold, male vs female, white vs black, up vs down, left vs right, ect’

The guy that made my tattoo, eliphas levi also made the baphomet picture, in the picture he has his right hand up and his left hand down. Why am i now seeing so many different things in that position ( Like George Washington? Or was it Thomas Jefferson, i forget the name) . Even on the picture cover of Hermes tris megestus is doing the same pose. Does anyone know what it means???

Also, it goes beyond duality, some things are non-dualistic and theres Trinity as well.

Forgot to mention that i burned of the tattoo twice at a tattoo removal place. It costed 160 dollars each time. The tattoo is still there and after my first session, i had a dream of burning embers towards the left and down. Since i burned it off the voices have gotten quieter and i have been seeing less visions and things show to me. The spirits say im too addictive of a personality and im on methadone from being addicted to shooting up oxys and k in the past. Apparently it feels too warm and fuzzy in my head for them to let go. So from what im learning, i need to do a banishment ritual if i want the spirits gone, am i right?

I am giving it a try and drawn it down. Do i make a necklace or something out of it or put it on the wall by my head when i sleep?

So you just got this tattoo and started hearing spirits?

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As I mentioned in the post I linked, you can carry it with you or hang it on your wall.

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Also, @DarkestKnight I had a question that I tagged you in when you get a chance. Thank you!!

I got this tattoo about 10 years ago. The spirits jumped in me 11 months ago.

Here is a link to what it looks like…

Interesting. What prompted them to jump into you so recently as opposed to when you got the tattoo?

I know that to complete this ritual it really has to be drawn on human skin and cut out, then you need coffin nails from an executed criminal that was executed for his crimes. You need a black cat that has feasted on human flesh, a bat soaked in blood, goat horns and a skull or perricide ( The skull of a father who killed his son or son that killed his father. Pretty grim stuff) , then put each thing in their place and 3 people stand in the 3 circles of the triangle and probably recite words and invoke the 4 names to make a pact with apparently THE devil. In the book that i copied it from, i remember it mention if you perform the ritual wrong, you get great misfortune for the rest of your life. If you do it right you can ask for wealth or something. I never put the names with the tattoo and it is way to small to have 3 people fit into the triangle. So i highly doubt i can still use it for the ritual (it will never be done properly. No use doing it as it will probably bring misfortune by doing it wrong). Also i forgot to mention i called out for forgiveness and not too long after is when the invisible cat spirit showed up. It jumped into me after i angered it by attacking the air with a pair of scissors. I think the spirit was pretending to be a cat cuz thats what i felt walking on my bed as i was lying there. I’ve also had a hand grab my right leg one night, startled the crap out of me as no one was there…


It seems you’re resisting the advice given so I just suggest you take the advice @DarkestKnight mentioned in the link he posted & good luck to you.

You’re in control, take control…I wouldn’t for a second allow a spirit to control me, make me afraid of being who I am because it will anger them…


Take the advice & take back your control.

Again, good luck.