Greetings everyone!

Hello! I just made an account but I have been lurking for a while. I’m a musician and creatively inclined person, and the occult is very important to me. I have been reading a lot over the years and I have decided that I am mainly interested in the LHP and the various systems that exist in that sphere. I also have a passion for history of all places throughout the world. I’m naturally clairvoyant, this has been a blessing and a curse; but I’ve gotten in control of it I’d say. I’m working on myself now, I’ve had some rough times but I feel like I’ve learned alot of lessons in order to help me with my ascent.

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Howdy, I’ve been lurking on here aswell, I just made an account around 30 minutes ago myself. I am intrigued buy all the different types of magic, but honestly I just want to experience something for myself

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welcome to BALG. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.