Greetings. 19 year old guy with no experience or any history with magic


I’am a 19 year old guy who just discovered the world of occultism a day ago, and the topic sucked me in deeper each time I have read stories about other people and their experiences on it, till I stumbled upon this site and decided to create an account.

I have had no past experience with magic or any thing of that so I will have no clue about anything at all, though I do have weird experiences time from time that I cannot explain. I’m kind of that type of person who can get along when it comes to topics like these.

I have only heard about Lillith and something called the Astral, that’s as far as it goes to my knowledge. I do not even understand where should I begin at this point. The only thing I had done was basic meditation today, and even that I have never even done in my life before. I’m not sure if I’m even in the right forum for this. I apologise if that’s the case.

I wasn’t sure how to properly introduce myself on a site like this before. Like said, this is my absolute first time in life and I’m genuinely interested.

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Welcome to the forum.

Where do you hail from?

Is there any particular area of magick that interests you the most?

Hello, welcome. Please feel free to check out my journal. I have some useful information on it.

gl and please don’t hesitate to ask if u need help