Great experience with Halah’thor like oh my

I just had to share this amazing experience I had with Halah’thor a couple weeks ago.
First let me say he is the first Demon i’ve worked with, I literally never imagined working with Demons because I come from a Christian background and I was deeply brainwashed but thats a long story so anyways!
I looked more into it thanks to EA and everyone else on this lovely site! And my my… did he come THROUGH.
I had made a petition cause anytime I evoke any like “high level” entity or spirit (like a God) my energy is drained for like the next month or so. So I started with the petition and I cant say exactly what it was about but it basically was to bring a situation to me where I can be set, like replace my main source of income (almost like a job but not really) kind of set. I’d also like to mention that during the time I asked if he was here and my candle flame went from stable to flickering and then after I voiced what I wanted I heard in my right ear a “yes” and after that was all done I burned the paper I wrote my petition on with the same candle and I didn’t want to burn his sigil just yet so I left it on my table and continued on. Literally within a matter of minutes to hours I checked my phone and a opportunity presented itself to me. I brushed it off at first cause it was so quick, i’ve never done any magick where I seen results begin to manifest almost immediately. So I looked more into the opportunity and while I was on the phone with this btw wonderful opportunity (almost too good to be true) some time went by and the opportunity just kept getting better and better.
After awhile I started walking around and walked passed the sigil, then i’d occasionally pick it up and silently mouth “are you serious” “are you fucking serious?!” “You’re amazing!” “Thank you!” “Thank you!!” Then, set it back down, pick it back up, do a little dance, rinse and repeat then idk what specifically was said on the phone but I do know it got me super excited so I remember thinking while having some of my favorite wine, “Nah, Halah’thor needs some of this, he coming through like that? Okay!!! I got you!” so I poor him a glass, set it down near his sigil not thinking anything of it and walk back into the kitchen to finish my conversation.
I dont know how much time passes before I eventually walk back into my living room while still on the phone I just glance at the table where his sigil and wine is stop in my tracks because guess the F what? The glass with his wine in it was sitting perfectly on top of his sigil… im on the phone trying to stay in the zone just in pure and complete “aw” like… what???
I was so excited I dont even know why but thats exciting to me! I dont usually have a lot of “paranormal” experiences when I contact any entity so I was just estatic at that point and also a bit confused.
I started asking myself like girl do you have Alzheimers? You have been drinking wine… did you forget you put it on his sigil??
No ma’am, no sir, I remember when I was pouring it I spilled a little and it dripped down a bit on the side and I was too idk lazy or in the moment to grab a napkin and wipe the sides and the bottom (it wasnt that much either) but I knew there was going to be a wine stain on my table because of it and I remember thinking whatever i’ll use a lysol wipe later lol im lazy I know but i was on the phone and excited ok dont judge me lol.
Anyways, so I knew that I specifically set it to the side because of that and the fact that there was a stain left from where I had originally set it. I dont know what that meant but I was excited I left it out for a couple more days before burning the sigil and all that jazz.
And as for the opportunity it was a great one, but I had to turn it down in the end. Halah’thor did what I asked 100% but I realized I left out some specific and important details in the petition so i’m going to do another one a little different but same goal!
But yeah! Much respect and praise to Halah’thor,
THANK YOU HALAH’THOR!!! I’ll be calling you again soon :joy::sparkles:

Side note: I also caught my cat sleeping with her little paws and head laying on his sigil on my table. So cute! Lol!

P.S. I just wanted to add a picture though I know a picture wont show much in the end but I took one anyways!



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Yes! Halah’thor is completely awesome. Love him to pieces. congrats :smiley:

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