Great Duke Sallos or / and Prince Sitri, I have a question

And oh, I certainly believe it. I don’t necessarily know how long this learning meditation process will take though it could be weeks or even months to fully get down so I do still wonder in the meantime, if it’s not any trouble if anybody can ask one of those 2 spirits on my behalf

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May I also pm you for some meditation techniques? It’s been something I’ve been struggling with for a while.

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Of course! :slight_smile:
Feel free to PM me.

Lol sensei Nagash

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I don’t think you’re able to pm her yet, I think u need to get the member rank or something

Click to my name (for example here @Nagash [ Ahh first time I’ve tagged myself ] , or one of my comment above) and you’ll see a Message icon like this (then you can start typing):

( Yes @Meliodas, you are a star now! )

Another way:

Click to your profile image above - upper corner of the site -, then you’ll find a mini :email: icon. Click on it then you’ll find yourselfe in your Inbox. Start writeing a new message and tag my name (Add user > Nagash).

(I think, my direct link will lead you to the right page even on your phone. Dunno.)

you’ve stepped on the path of your evolution. :black_heart::wine_glass:

( Anyway, Sitri is a perfect Guy if you want to get a grill. I can advice to start working with Him. My latest - and first - experience with Him was fantastic. )

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What happened with you and sitri?? Lol tell me about it. It sounds fascinating

Check out my post there:

Oh and btw, yeeeah I don’t think I’m a high enough rank yet. Lol the message option isn’t popping up. I have a Snapchat and other social media though if that helps but yeah

Oh my… I just read it. I didn’t know that yall got down like that… lol. I thought the high ranking demons looked at us like we are too below for them to even think of something like that. Lol good to know

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@Nagash I’m just curious, how long did it take you to get the sudden explosion you were talking about. I know everyone is different but is it something that took you weeks, months or years? Thanks in advance

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@Meliodas Sorry, I’m on Phone now, and I had to reply to some PMs as well, even older ones (and maybe I’ll continue it tomorrow).

I’m just curious, how long did it take you to get the sudden explosion you were talking about.

It depends on lots of things. Your actual level, the way how you practice it (and other things in the same time - if you do it), the progress, your determination etc.

All of my “sudden explosions” in my evolution was absolutely unexpected, and most of them happened when I simply forgot about my expectations about it.

Some of them took only one month to me for example, and some of them far more.
I know people who started feeling this change after 6 months, and it was not a “sudden explosion”, but a slow process.

Do not forget that you’ll always hit a new level on your journey again and again.
After you hit one; you’ll go for an another, a higher level. You can be always more.

Just put down your expectations and stop counting days.
It can be extremely destructive in your evolution.


Hey it’s kind of off topic but hey guys, what’s the difference between sitri and sallos? They both deal with romance but I’ve heard they operate differently

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I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure Sitri deals with lust related matters where as Sallos leans more to governing Love

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I know this was directed to Nagash but if could just chime in:

A very good point that Nagash made was to learn how to let go of expectations. That’s why I think the Do Nothing meditation is the best for beginners. You just sit there and watch everything that happens

  • if you have expectations and impatience just watch them and let them be
  • if you feel anxious and restless just acknowledge those feelings and let them be
  • if you feel dumb just sitting there doing nothing just let that be also

Meditation is basically just waiting and trusting. Hope this helps


@krass it does indeed help, those are the exact problems I’ve been having, I will certainly try to stop dwelling on them and let them be. Thanks a lot for the advice.


Good. Keep sitting and DO NOTHING. You’ll be conjuring demons in no time. Feel free to pm me if you have any doubts/issues

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Thankyou so much for the advice krass, and you too @Nagash I really do appreciate it. This forum has done so much for me


Since it won’t let me PM anybody still, lol soo your telling me that by sitting there doing nothing, I start meditating? I’m confused? How do I focus my intentions if I have to let my thoughts room free?

Ikr. Lmao they lowkey gave us the knowledge for free lol

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