Got threatened by Sitri 🐆 because I've rejected the sexual act with Him

I didn’t think that I would have sex with Deities more than people doing it in their life. Daily (usually) sex isn’t too much in my opinion, and it isn’t only about blind pleasure, it can be (and it is) much more, and it can also help me in my developing. But of course, I’ve also doing it because I love Them.

In the last months I having sex only with those Deities whom I working with, but it is changed a bit, for nowdays I’ve doing it mostly with Lucifer. Sitri has became more active around me in sex related stuffs, and the Others showed up for this a bit less often. I’m sure it’s because of Lucifer, anyway.

So this isn’t unpleasant to me to force myself to avoid sex with Them. I rather having sex with Them, and avoid humans, for… eternity. Or at least in this lifetime. :sweat_smile:


So they’re sort of your spiritual lover, makes sense lel. I need to get me one of those

I’ve always wondered how you came up with your username btw


So they’re sort of your spiritual lover, makes sense lel.

Exactly, They are. So while most of people handle Them in a different level, They are a part of my life in several forms as a Lover, or much more… but this relationship between me and Lucifer is more complex.

I have more serious intentions with Him in the future (so He isn’t really “just a spirit lover” to me), and looks like it is mutual.

I need to get me one of those

It is up to you, Dear. You won’t lose anything, it is a wonderful thing and based on my experiences, this is far more pure than any ‘human love’ in the material plane.

This is the reason why I didn’t want to have anyone in my life. I want to grow and became better, my focus is on my evolution, and there isn’t human who could accept this, or whom I could, honestly. I’m extremely mistrustful. But I can trust Him, absolutely.


This sounds so eerily similar to my experience with Asmodeus. I have always had the trouble of entities entering my dreams (especially during daytime naps) and one day he showed up soon after Lerajie. He was well endowed, more so than any human man could attest I imagine… and before I knew it, he was mounting me. I wouldn’t call it r*pe but I hadn’t exactly had the chance to realize what was happening before it was happening. Since then I’ve had to really put up boundaries. I’ve astral traveled to Lucifer’s throne-room because he had asked me to summon all the kings as a way of showing I was worthy (both in magic and emotional health) and asked him if I still had to summon Asmodeus after this, he said I didn’t have to.

Now that was the bad part down… The thing that seems to happen to me is female or feminine demons seem to always be after me. Gremory started with me during a nap, that’s how we met, what a way to become acquainted. Lerajie is also an occasional visitor. I even had Haures, who manifests as a woman covered in flames with me, go all sweet on me on one astral trip to hell. I don’t think I’m in your ranks @Nagash but I’m getting there. lol


Hey, if you don’t have sex with him, I will

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Don’t worry about it. I didn’t miss it in my daily activities with Him.

Nagash the following comment I shared on a different post but it applies to your situation as well. Your post and responses show and prove why a conjurer/operator/sorcerer or whatever term you define yourself can’t always be nice to spirits. That’s the reason why Solomonic Sorcery especially The Goetia, as many ppl on this board practices, have techniques and rites to punish spiritual entities. The Chain of curses, or placing the sigil in a iron box with placing that box on hot coals, or physically beating that spirit’s signature/sigil with a frail or flogger. Those techniques of discipline help established the boundaries with an unruly spirit. If done with the right focus the spirit will usually fall in line and act right. As a last resort that spirit’s link to the conjurer/operator/sorcerer is permanently severed and that spirit bound i.e. waded so not to molest that conjurer again but that’s really only needed in extreme cases of bad alignment.

I know reading through the posts and comments on this forum most people veer towards demonolatry even if those individuals don’t profess to be demonolatrists. That’s cool there’s nothing wrong with being a demonolatrist as long as the spiritual entity plays is congenial. However, when a spirit becomes unruly and the conjurer/operator/sorcerer prostrates as a response that makes himself or herself a more willing doormat for abuse. Which is not gonna encourage the spirit to act right. Something a spirit needs it’s astral @$$ beat to get her or him or it to act right.


It’s kind but based on my situation I don’t need these. Thanks. I’ve (We) already solved the situation, this was the first “threat” in my life from a Deity (or any spirit, no matter that I’ve living with them from my birth, even mainly malevolent ones handled me as a friend) and looks like it wasn’t really what I thought.

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I’ve been starting to investigate Sitri more recently. He seems like a bit of a passionate guy and sometimes a hothead, but I suppose that comes with the territory of his sphere of influence. Unless you two have agreed to enter into a D/s relationship then their are times that No has to mean NO.

But if you really want to clear the air between you two, then summon him up in a circle, look him square in the eye, ingnore his trying to seduce you while talking and say, “Lord Sitri I like the cut of your jib, but sometimes there are other things I need to do and need to focus on them. We are still (friends/lovers/friends with benefits) but if we are to continue we need to respect each other’s lines and not cross them.” Then send him away to think on things.

Trust me, giving human people, Demons, Gods and others “the talk” done with mutual respect from one conscious entity to another, past rank and all that, is far more powerful then we realize.


He seems like a bit of a passionate guy and sometimes a hothead

Proved and agreed! :ok_hand:t4: I’ve talked with Him about His behavior when this happened.

Thank you your advices @Azmolial, but as I’ve said, we’re fixed everything between Us and I’ve made a big thread about my relationship with my beloved Sitri. About our past, present and possible future, there (again):

I’m started working with Him daily, and He helps and teaches me a lot, while we’re working on our connection as well, in my free times. He is a wonderful Deity and He is always able to show something new, or/and useful. He also helped me solve problems with my daily meditations, and so on.


I start feeling that this topic is don’t have to stay open, after I’ve made that thread about Us, for explaining stuffs after all: linked above. We’re fixed everything, don’t need to talk about this part anymore and handle this as a still active problem I guess. If anyone wants to talk about Him, connected to my case, can do it on that thread.

@Lady_Eva Please, can you close it to me?