Got my ex to tell the truth with the help of

Sraagbel! A long time ago I was looking for a demon that specialized in making someone confess and I had forgotten their name so I asked you guys if you knew who I meant but I didn’t find the demons name but someone refered me to Sraagbel the demon of truth. I didn’t contact him or anything since I had already gotten what I wanted.

For a while now I’ve wanted answers from my ex and I knew I wasn’t going to get it out of him because he’s stubborn as hell and never admit to anything related to feelings so I called on Sraagbel yesterday and asked him to get my ex to tell the truth about his feelings for me and what he wants with me.
I talked to my ex today and he told me what I had asked Sraagbel to give me the truth on.

Thank you so much Sraagbel!

I offered Sraagbel public praise because I wanted him to get more light here so more people knew about him and that this success will be of use to anyone else that needs the truth or needs someone to see the truth.


Great work, and i am glad ur getting results

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That’s just awesome!!:bouquet: Thank you for sharing!!


So I got results the day after as in my ex telling me what his true feelings are and what he wants with me. Yesterday he kept telling me the truth about stuff and today he was the most honest he’s been in two years.
something I didn’t put in was that after I asked Sraagbel to help me I got ”3 days” in my head as in something will happen in three days. I wanted to share that this is also the second time this happened and the first time it happened was with Amon. I made a post about Amon called ”Amon plot twist” and that’s when I got ”5 days” in my head and on the fifth day I met my ex. So same thing happened with Sraagbel though I didn’t think much of it since I already got results the day after but what happened today which is the third day I am amazed by the fact that I’m getting these thoughts in my head about how many days until something will happen.
What did happen today was not only that my ex was the most honest he’s ever been for these past two years but it’s the fact that he told me he still loves me. I have NEVER been able to get this much out of him ever and thanks to Sraagbel I got every truth I’ve been wanting to know for a long time and he got me the truth in less than a day!

Look no further if you need to truth to come out!


Thank you for sharing this update. Amon is such a wonderful spirit, I always call on him when I need help with repairing a friendship. I haven’t tried calling on Sraagbel, however I feel like calling on him would help me out currently.

Thank you again for sharing :bouquet:

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