Got 2 New Sorcerery Books

Got 2 New books

(1) Lucifer & The Hidden Demons; The Practicle Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces. - by: Theodore Rose.

(2) Goetia Pathworking; Magickal Results from the 72 Demons. - by: Corwin Hargrove.

In this threat I will be doing reviews & reporting some (if any) of the results I find within, through & in these systems & by way of these methods.

If anyone is familiar with these Books then please feel free to chime in and add your experiences, voice & findings. While opinions are valuable at times, opinions are often heavily laden with bias & preference more than pure analytic evaluation & findings using The Scientific Method & Spirit.

It is my purpose to give an opinionated, unbiased analysis & evaluation of my personal findings & make a report. While I am not looking so much for confirmations, I seek to disprove & test the falafiability of claims & assumptions which are made & asserted & things attested to. This is in the Scientific Spirit, in which one sets out to test the hypnosis by disproving the theories … then making a careful & unvested report & analysis of ones findings & the rate (if any) one is able to reproduce certain factors (such as, at least, preserved results) in such a way that test the ecifacy of those finding & any possible conclusions & statements which may be yealded through experimentation.

I will try my best to keep careful notes along the way & make adiquate logs.
If nothing comes of it, I’m only out a few bucks for each book.

What I would like though is if anyone else is interest to join me in this endeavor to also test the results I find & the methods presented within these works by means of Scientificly Spirited & Conducted Inquiry & Examination.

That said - Cheers & We Shall See What We Find.


Thank you @anon41658706 & @Schattenmond for the likes. I’m sorry for the grammatical errors; I do that some times & autocorrect doesn’t always help with this. I would edit but I think I made my point somewhat clear.

I will point out that I can’t edit my post now but, I did mean to say I hope to give an unbiased analysis & unopninonated report of what I find (if anything).

Thank you guys again. I’m battling the flue right now so I won’t be doing much reading. … so you & everyone else will have to do a bit of waiting a little longer for my next post & hopefully the start of some mission goals.

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For sure, friend. It’s awesome to see these journals get started. Cool stuff.

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I have them both some successes. The first book I think definitely needs some banishing after the pathworking. Good books both of them.

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Cool! I look forward to receiving more of your input. I hope you will contribute; I would very much appreciate it.

I will keep the Bannishing in mind, as I go into this. Thank you for your valuable input.

As I understand it, at least sometimes, bannishing is just another polite method of letting someone go (like at the end of a phone conversation). It’s more of a courtesy of editquit than anything.

Sort of the end of a formal conversation, exchange, meeting, or contract. It’s placing a stamp on it then allowing everyone to clear the room by calling the adjournment of a board meeting & allowing everyone to gather themselves & go about their work & days.

Other times - and as a part of the meeting - it’s clearing & cleaning up a room after a meeting & setting everything back in order & it’s place. Don’t want to just leave everything about, hanging around, all messy. So yeah - I get it … I think.

You’re very welcome.

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