Goodbye YHVH and all things Cabbalistic

I need advice here, I guess for years I’ve been reared in all things Cabbala, Tree of Life and HGA.

Now I hear that the 72 Goetic Demons are averse to all things Judaic ie Solomonic as Solomon constrained them and DEMONIZED these Pagan powers. As you know medieval magicians would abuse and constrain the powers under the cabbalistic system of ceremony and I have a Thelemic background which used Golden Dawn Tree of Life viewpoints.

So if there’s no YHVH, what is left? Chaos ie the limitless eternal void? Nu? Hadit? Horus?

What about the Archangels in the Bible? Are they older than the Jews? I guess as they’re eternal. I work with them, I also received a message in Gematria from Michael. I appreciate that. What about alternatives to the elemental pentagrams and the LRBP which has been important for me? What about the Tarot? Its based on the Tree of Life.

Point me in the right direction here if ye can?

My ancestors are Celts, Saxons, maybe Druids and Vikings btw.

What is the right direction for someone who wants to get closer to the 72 powers and beyond?

PJ Carrol? Phil Hine?

Ultimately we should all be undergoing an immersion into Sumerian and Babylonian magick eh?


What it seems like you’re asking here is “what is the oldest tradition, and therefore, the truest?”

The answer to that question can be found through research and soul-search. Research is something you should do yourself, because you are the master of your own truth and you can best interpret things for yourself. Soul-search is something you will have to do anyway, as you are the best person to know what works for you.

The fact of the matter is, if you approach an unfamiliar system or entity thinking that something you’ve already done will screw it up, then indeed it will. If you approach a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend with the thought that it won’t work because you have already a, b, c, d, then you have doomed the relationship before beginning. You don’t have to leave a, b, c, d behind, but you do have to move past them and choose not to allow them to be a problem.

Oy, such rambles, i apologize if that got convoluted


do what you feel called to do.
from my experience yvhv exists if you believe he does.

as for older systems @AdamThoth


All traditions are true. The purest is the left hand path. It lets you build your own tradition.


Actually I can assure you, relationships with the 72 Powers do improve once we piss on the Bible and the Solomonic slave religions with it’s demonization of the pagan gods/Goetic spirits.


Careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, Zen. I’ve made that mistake myself.

There are golden nuggest buried in many traditional systems and religions. There’s just a lot of dogmatic bullshit surrounding them. As you develop and open your intuition and your connection to the spiritual realms strengthens, you’ll start to see them for yourself.

My UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) is that Yod He Vav He were powerful sounds. They were later claimed as “The Name of the One True God”.

I have an aversion to using anything from the mono-theistic religions, but I’ve got admit that those sounds have real power when they’re intoned.

Here’s a thought for you … completely unverified … just kind of a hunch really …

I believe I’ve heard mentioned that the Tetragramaton was 72 syllables long and priests trained for years to master their breath so they could intone as many of the 72 syllables of the Tetragramaton as they could in one exhalation.

Now, I can’t verify that … but isn’t it interesting how 72 appears again? Hmmm … makes you wonder if maybe the 72 syallables were really the 72 angelic names?

Ok, I was guided back that far myself for a reason. But it wasn’t to learn the magick they used.

The truth is they just petitioned the gods for stuff most of the time. They would just flatter the gods the way you would a human king and ask them to protect them or to curse their enemies or whatever it was they needed.

My own UPG was that the magick I’ve personally been taught was to teach me how to do for myself what the ancient gods did for the people at that time.

In other words, they have taught me and challenged to become my own living god rather than petitioning them.

I think you’re falling into the “ancient magick is real magick” trap. I’ve definitely fallen into that trap from time to time.

We get excited when we find an “ancient” grimoire that shares some bit of knowledge about “real magick”. But we forget that the grimoire was just a magickian’s own working notes and that he was experimenting with rituals himself.

In other words, the ancient sorcerers and magickians were just doing the same damn thing we are right now. They were trying learning from the sources that came before them, trying things on their own, and learning from them.

So your own magickal notes can become an “ancient grimoire” one day.

In the end, the real truth is the truth you discover through your experiences by DOING THE WORK. Everything revolves around DOING THE DAMN WORK. lol


Then indeed that is the truth you have found and bound yourself to.

I havent talked with any of the 72 yet, and i was never a slave of the religious system of my upbringing, so i have no way to contradict or confirm your statements.

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You haven’t summoned a Demon yet?

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Cognitive reactivity distortions… yes… hmmmm…no i’m not that rigid, maybe it was a rant …

Yes 72 names of YHVH. That 1- 2- 3- 4 series of beats or pulsations is archetypal yes.

Petitioning the gods, yes of course they did. Pretty lame huh?

Ancient grimoires as “working notes” yeah I appreciate that. :sunglasses:

I have not needed to, nor do I “summon” entities the way others do. It will happen, but i try not to bother entities when it’s not necessary.


YHVH is not gods name, its Shemhamforash, when god confronted Lilith for not laying under Adam, before he could punish her, she used “shemhamforash” and escaped the garden and gods wrath, YHVH is an acronym for Yod Hey vah Hey which is actually a magical formula, if you research what these Hebrew letters mean, its like window peg, tent , peg, or something to that effect, what the formula means is , what you hold in your minds eye , will be brought into formation, I know I mixed some of it up but its not a name its a magical formula.

Study Hebrew letters , each one has about five different meaning’s, its very cryptic, even names of people in the bible when broken down to Hebrew letters mean something totally different, then throw in gematria and you find another word with the same number it added up to and you get another bunch of letters to another formula.

All is not what it seems, look deeper, the bible is an esoteric puzzle, as magicians writing it off is the worst thing you could do, Albert Pike to Hellena Blavatsky even said most people don’t even know what the bible truly is.

To prove this the gematria for messiah is the same as serpent!

I believe though “nascash” in the garden was a sorcerer not a serpent, and the fruit was Eve’s womb, as the Hebrew for offspring is also fruit, like I just said Hebrew has many meanings for words even letters and numbers alone have secret meaning’s, its actually quite ingenuous, I’m learning currently myself.


YHVH is a formula not a name, trust me!

Judaism is pure occultism masquerading as a religion, I’m only beginning to learn Hebrew and I’m figuring out so much of their secrets which leads me to the conclusion, Hebrew speaking Christian’s are nothing but fucking snakes


i was referring to yahweh. but anyway my point still stands

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Yeah Ya or Ja is or was a moon deity just like Allah!

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I prefer my own handmade sigils to demon summoning, I find the energy I can charge them with inside me to be much more powerful than any demons


The Kabbalah is actually older than Judaism. It originated in Egypt. And the chakra system from India is even older than that! I still use portions of it in my LHP practice. It works for me.


I am not an expert working chakra with sigils seems effective to opening up the current

The old from ancient Egyptian times used cyrstals cap stones obsk to draw currents up from earth to astral i think!

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Yes and no, possibly on the meaning of yod hey vav heh. No meaning that according to at least GD/Thelema … Hand/palm window nail window. Yes on your interpretation. First, there is one window in front of the other? Why? First we see in the mirror dimly, then later face to face. Obviously there is a second sight. The hand or palm holds or beholds, and the nail brings of fastens two objects together. I started Grmatria on Egyptian and Greek deitites with provided letter value charts. Many were the same value or similar meaning. Is anyone with me on Atlantis being real? All religions hold value, and values are worth more than the name. All paths to the same goal.


Getting there. :thinking:


i get that you hate the jewish crap thats in the tree of life system. but dont discount the tree itself. those spheres of power are a roadmap to the self, they are energy points that exist along side and counter to the chakras. without them you will be a SHIT magician.

now on to language…its very important. so you dont like the hebrew names, who does? i know i dont. so i dont use them. the spheres of the sefirot (or whatever term you wanna use…i think we need a new one) have planetary correspondences. for each sphere find its planetary energy on one of those old jewy scripts and use only, from then on, the roman planetary names.

in terms of calling on the infinite abyss and controlling vast amounts of chaos…use sparingly bro.
i know firsthand (probably better than most on this forum) that excess with that energy can and WILL lead to INSANITY…and pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing.

as for the angels… yes, WAY older than the jews.

the truth you seek can only be found if you truly wish to seek it out. SEEK THE KNOWLEDGE dont just talk about seeking it. SEEK IT! i recommend evoking Thoth. the best place to ask questions, in my mind at least, is a god of infinite knowledge. maybe if you ask nice he’ll bestow some on ya.

good luck seeker!