Good sigils of Anubis?


I want to begin working with Anubis, but I have not found any good sigils. I find that I really need sigils at this point in my practice. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any besides the Ipos one. I can’t get that one to work for what I need.

If someone could direct me to a sigil, I would be most grateful.



Here you are his name un hieroglyphics


I had a symbol he gave me and I’ll try and find it, in the meantime you could also try sigilising his name (either spelled “Anubis,” or the heiroglyphic spelling that’s reported as “INPW”) on a Kamea, my gut feeling is to do it on a Kamea of The Moon during the next dark/new moon night, or you could use a Saturn Kamea, or even Mercury for the psychopomp aspect.

But I’ll try and find that symbol, and also hopefully you’ll get something less UPG from someone else here as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you Lady Eva


sorry im really late but did you find the symbol?


Late , four fucking years ! Lol.


oh fuck HAHAHA i thought it meant september 14 as of 2017


So… About that sigil​:no_mouth::no_mouth:


His name in Hieroglyphics works though if you want to go that way :+1:


@aschristi look at this one VK Jehannum is a reliable source:



Any luck finding/using his sigil?


The hieroglyphics work just amazingly. I have been working with Anubis for 10 years. And he prefers hieros to be summoned.


I was working exclusively with him for 4 years! We should make an Anubis fan club :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We MUST!!! He and Azrael are a very kind-natured spirits, and they don’t mind being devoted at the same time. It must have something to do with them being psychopomps.
No, but actually, the idea of the club sounds legit and very interesting!


Pfff, lol. I have just realised this post was started in 2014. I live away with the fairies or something. Hahaha, so me.:joy:


Haven’t worked with Azrael, but Anubis is the sweetest of them all…! I evoke him from time to time for a chit chat, he doesn’t mind at all !

Nah don’t worry, we have people asking about him still, so…


Yes, Anubis is my favourite so far, and my main Deity. Azrael is more solitary, and only comes when there’s a purpose or when you really need guidance or help regarding his expertise. Co-works really well with other deities similar to Anubis, but he is not good as a main devotion.
@Silent have you worked with other deities?


It’s a long story but I’ve stopped for several years and started recently again. Nowdays I can’t say I worship anyone actually, I’m respectful with all of them and I do my offerings when I evoke them but that’s it. Anubis still is very special to me.
Yes I’m working with few currently.


Fair enough Everyone needs to work the way it works for them, and in a way that makes us feel comfortable.

I am very happy to meet people like you over here. There are lots of interesting people. You all brighten the place.


Hi there, i am a newbie and i am very intersted in egyption godd/goddess Can you please tell me what Anubis offerings and what matters he can help Thanks