Good sigils of Anubis?


Hello @candlemagick Anubis is a great God for necromancers to work with as well as mediums diviners and shamans. He’s the opener of the path of the upper world and the underworld, allowing spirits and humans to travel between the realms. You can evoke him during sessions to keep away all malevolent spirits. Evoke him to escort a spirit to the underworld (either for banishing or a loved one who passed away).
He’s a great guardian for houses, temples and children and everyone who has been abandoned and neglected. And many other things that he will reveal to you as you work with him. Egyptian gods don’t joke around, so be ready for a slightly mind fuck. In a good way.
Offer him beer or wine, anything that has to do with graves or…invoke him during a funeral as an offering.


thank you so mch for your help i really appreciate.:blush:


do u hve w sigil for Anubis? thanks