Good Morning, BALG Community! You have a new member!

Hi, hello!

I’m a beginner witch, so I might be a little pest and ask a lot of questions from time to time (a very big sorry in advance).

I’ve started taking an interest in magic almost two years ago, but my studies were on and off. At first, I had an interest in entities, read a lot (and I have doubts on how much useful information remained in my silly head) in the CH forums since those were the first I’ve stumbled upon.

After a year of ‘downtime’, I’ve started learning a bit about meditation. Clearing the head isn’t so hard, but I do have a fair amount of blockages in my mind, so that might be an issue. However, I did see something odd the first time I tried to meditate with Gremory… weird and unexpected.

And at the moment, this time hoping I’d be taking an interest in magic for quite a while, are spells! All I’ve learnt so far are sigil creation, yet still have a lomg way to go as well as learning how to actually charge them.

Although, as far as I know, magic practice are rituals that bring results overtime, I also want spells that would give a result quite fast (example: I’m cold outside and want to warm up; I hate cold).

So, hi again and I hope we can get along quite nicely!


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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome @Iris_Shard

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Oh okay! Thanks!

Hello, Iris. Welcome to the forum.

Where do you hail from?

Thank you!

I hail from a land far far away in Eastern Europe. The small land is called Lithuania. :3

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Oh cool. You have a rich pagan history and tradition there don’t you?

If I remember correctly, Lithuania and the ancestors were pagans up to 1386-ish. But we still have a lot of folklore in children stories, but I do not know how true to paganism they are. Sadly, we are not such an original country when it comes to our history: we’re pretty dull.

But when it comes to tradition, I think we gathered some of the true facts and celebrate them every year. Might be going a bit off course with some rituals, but they stay pretty much the same. It’s a tourist attraction or a way to spend family-time together instead of actually practicing magic.


If you look into it, I bet you have a lot of rich culture and history to be proud of.
Your heritage and closeness with the land will make those old traditions more accessible to you as well. I wouldn’t discount them, there’s a lot of power in ancestral magick.


I knooow, but there’s true ancestry and then there is just straight up copying the rituals from other countries or making them up. Sadly, almost no one documented our lands and a lot of information was passed from lips to lips, eventually getting distorted.

Now the more one delves into history, the more they know we have little to nothing unique: everything was taken from other countries just so we could look beautiful today. :frowning_face:

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Welcome to forum @Iris_Shard :wave:

I heard you can charge sigils with the TGS technique. But there are plenty other methods.
I would suggest you use the search function. :mag:

I bet this question is asked before :slight_smile:

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