Good & Evil / Indirect & Direct Power

Evil is evil and Good is pretend-evil. Both are power. I bring to the table this new discussion for poking and prying apart.

A lot of us agree good and evil doesn’t exist, and that there’s only power. I think the difference between good and evil is simply indirect and direct power. Evil is evil and good and is pretender-evil. If we examine dualistic aspects we can group evil with directness and male/Mars. And we can group “good” with indirectness and female/Venus.

Let me put it to you this way. Spirituality is “subtle” power. It works from a distance (though as we know can have powerful effects). Physical power is “direct”. So in exercises of power, you can physically or directly cause harm to things to dominate them. (Control, have power over, harm, defeat). When something is out of reach, you can’t physically or directly dominate it. Instead you must rely on subtle power. (This is any other way of controlling, having power over, harming, defeating). Think of love, or persuasion, or psychological tactics. These are subtle ways of influence and controlling when being a caveman and hitting someone with your club won’t work.

Altruism is something the demons can respect as a hobby. Won’t some of you agree? It can be a pretty activity. Like doing sports, painting or knitting. You’re helping people? And you enjoy doing so? That’s nice. However it is a big mistake to limit yourself by making altrusim a ruling force over you. That’s why we have “do what thou wilt be the whole of the law”. I don’t believe the forces of darkness hate “goodness” but limiting ourselves by forcing us to comply with any laws, such as altruism, would be something they’d hate. As it’s not conducive to true evolution.

I believe altruism is a form of psyhcological manipulation and control. It is used by spritual forces who, behind the scenes, behave completely without morals in order to brain-wash and gain control over others. They hypnotise and lie. They use “subtle” powers to dominate us because they can’t just hit us with a caveman club and say: “you battery. you obey and give energy.” To me, this is what “good” is. On its own it’s a hobby that can be pretty and even rewarding, like painting, it can make you feel good. But mostly spiritual “good” is “pretender-evil”, it is simply a lie to dominate you.

Back to male and female, we can examine archetypes of warrior and nurturer. Warrior power is direct. If you’re in a room with no escape and someone is set on immediately trying to kill you, well it becomes brawn vs brawn. Wars determined which countries and civilizations won and prospered in history. All other values: love, family, nurturing, intellectual ideas were used to dominate people without brute strength into doing things or behave in certain ways. Power was either direct, or everything else: indirect. Like spirituality which works behind the scenes. It’s all power. The difference is one is concentrated and close-up. The other is further-reaching, more expansive but not as concentrated: subtle.

Currently I can’t trust the RHP. I’ve dealt with parasitic and lying systems that pretended to be “good”. I know angels can be evoked and that they’re different to the ‘versions’ of them we find in New Age books. However at this point in my journey I need to work where I know is safe, the demons, and if later in my journey I want to investigate the RHP I will - warily - do so. But if they are a force that pretends altruism is the law of the land in a contained universe (which we all should know is not the case. Free universe not contained. Will and power rules, not any law). We will have a problem.

What are your opinions on this idea? Criticism and discusion is encouraged.

I think these are perfectly valid models depending on the level of reality you’re using to view events with. As such good and evil definitely exist, but not at all levels.

I think “power” is an illusion, there’s is energy, and power is having the skill to access and direct that energy.

For the same reason, the whole dominance thing is also something that depends of the level at which you view the flows, at one level it’s winning, at another it’s evil, at another its good and at many others it’s irrelevant.

Good/evil and dominance are basically all about materialistic desire of the ego. When you are at the levels where you are connected deeply enough that subjectivity becomes fuzzy and emotion is something some small part of you has, and is not what you are, they fall away.

No, but I don’t believe in “demons” or that they have hobbies. This just sounds larpy to me, so it’s hard to get into that statement realistically.

I think we need all these levels understood and working in harmony to master being human and be in right mind to take advantage of all opportunities to the fullest potential. Which also means winning doesn’t always mean winning, and giving doesn’t always mean not receiving.

Yes, it’s not helpful to do anything out of balance. That includes domination just as much as altruism. I would recognise however, that dominance and altruism are not mutually exclusive.

The best dominants I have ever known, dominated because they GAVE of themselves, and people flocked to them to learn and be helped, they would do anything they said, knowing that it was what was best for them.
These are the most respected managers and executives in corporations that thrived in every way because of their work. By giving the organisation grew, their pay and responsibility grew, and they went on to become CEOs and very rich.

I’ve never net a single dominant that has to try to be recognised as one or went around trying to “dominate”. That’s just weak and is the hallmark of an insecure person with a broken spirit connection, who wants the appearance of it without the work. They’re called narcissists and everybody knows who they are. Domineering is not dominating.

Some people feel genuinely emotionally rewarded by helping others and are not trying to get rewarded for it. That’s just how humans are when they are fully connected into spirit and able to interface all subtle bodies with all parts of the brain.

I would agree that being altruistic can be very hedonistic, and in a sense we all try to do what feels good, in combination with limiting pain.

Yeah, except they were evil. That doesn’t mean actual “good” is actually all evil, it just means that organised system/religion is corrupted and imo worthless to human ascension. I would argue that most organised religions are actually about controlling - dominating - the sheep.

But but your argument, if " Will and power rules" those “good” religions were doing exactly the right thing. They use the will and power of the priestly elites to fuck over anyone without the money and education to know how to be free.

An example of one religion that didn’t do this, as far as we know, was the Norse, and that’s where I notice that this post is still embedded in the Abrahamic paradigm.
The Norse didn’t use a dichotomous concept of good and evil.

I think there are more philosophies out there than the Abrahamic that would suit you better and then you wouldn’t have to fight this one - which, in the doing gives it power over by making you admit it bothers you.

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Thanks for the response and some ideas I can think over. I think good and evil fits into duality very well, which IS important for spirituality because understanding the dualities starkly lets us go beyond them and expand.

Advisory: fairly long reply

Good and evil are mental constructs they don’t exist in reality only in the mind and there’s the rub, one persons good can be another’s evil. I can’t go into details because most of the examples I could use as explanations are unfortunately political subject matter which is banned here but here’s a situation for an example…

a beaver builds a dam. It makes it’s home safely in the middle of the of the now high water table beaver made lake. The river it dammed overflows it’s banks and because it’s spring it floods the road and washes it out.
Now because the road is washed out help can’t go by road to rescue the people on their rooftops because their neighborhood is flooded.

Was the beaver evil? No it was being a beaver. But it’ll you try hard enough to apply an abstract moral concept like good and evil to the situation you can. That doesn’t make it true, it only makes it your conceptualization of the situation based on your understandings of your own mental concepts. Even if someone died in the flood because the beaver dam washed out the road there isn’t actually real good or evil in it only your judgement based on what you have decided right and wrong good and evil are.

Now change beaver to party x and washed out road to (I don’t know food supply or automobile gasoline or whatever) and change person on roof to something else and there’s still no hood or evil only your judgement if the situation.

As to direct or indirect power? Again it depends largely if not completely on your judgement your perception of things. And here I really have to stop before I break the no politics rule to point it power is primarily an illusion and also a mental concept.

So… I’m done cuz I can’t go further without breaking forum rules to explain my position (which is good and evil don’t exist only peoples judgements of situations exists and depending on your situation your judgement of something defines it as good or evil.

So… good luck with this thread, hope you get the answer you want from it.