Good demon to start working with

I’m looking to get back into the rhythm of magick and was wonder what demon to think would be best to start learning from?


Can’t beat @Peregrine’s answer here:

I agree 100 percent. Azazel will introduce you to the right spirits for you if they’re more appropriate for your current work.

If you want more instruction, there are also two books, both written by E.A. Koetting, an owner of this forum, on Azazel that tell you exactly how.


Mullberry’s post has a great answer. Good advice.

@Mulberry, do you have any of his books yourself? If so, what would you recommend for first time E.A. Koetting reading materials? He has a decent body of work now, so I am having a rather hard time deciding which to begin with as I am not necessarily new to this (I am old. I have been around this for awhile.), but I also am the type who understands that we can ALWAYS learn something new and/or better.



I have most of them, yes :slight_smile:

If you like volume of information for as cheap as possible, then I would go with the Complete Works, it’s 12 books in one and gets you a super affordable intro into everything in E.A.'s approach to the western occult from a no fluff, ceremonial black magick perspective.

If you want a primer that goes over the basics as quickly as possible, you only need the books in chapters 1 to 3, the rest you could consider Intermediate level.

I agree. I think this is how you get from intermediate to advanced. When you start seeing the parallels in different systems it gives a deeper layer of understanding, and the more you find out the further you get. Even when you don’t need books any more as you’re working directly with your guides and the spirits, and have a path to develop your spiritual aspect, which is a grind but worth it, it’s still interesting to read more works and understand them from your own worldview.


Thank you, @Mulberry. I appreciate the answers. :slight_smile:

I will have a look at the collection.