Going Through Trials?

So after walking down the darker side of the left hand path dealing with demons, Iv noticed my life has become much more magickal. But also I’ve noticed a lot of things have went too shit(cars breaking down, apartment fucking me over money loss), almost trials that have been placed.
Does this happen to a lot of new practictioners or is this something baneful on me? If these are trials what’s the next step? Where’s the end goal or is this part of the life choice? Too be stronger you have to be tempered no?


Sometimes those challenges are to see what you’re made of. Other times you might just have conflicting energies clashing in your sacred spaces.

What are your maintenance or daily upkeep routines (spiritual baths, meditation, banishings)? Doing these things will help make eduring some of those rough patches a hell of a lot easier; because you’re not going to be able to magic your way out of everything.

Look alive, soldier.


All Magicians go through trails in fheir Life. The Spirits you work with generally won’t give you something unnecessary (like they won’t kill you) unless you do something wrong.

Many of these trials are necessary for our ascent and growth. It’s what seperates the Wolves from the Sheep.


I had a lot of turmoil happen to me over the summer after I started down the path. Stick with it because when they see that you pull yourself up from chaos and succeed…then comes that upward motion and the good things happen. It’s a process…and to see if you trust and like others have said too to see your character.
I’ve observed from looking at things others write as well as my own experiences that demons seem to hold us to a high standard and that’s great to ‘raise the bar’ so we can rise up from the b/s and ascend.


So far I haven’t experienced any trials
Since I practiced magick “knock on wood
It’s actually the opposite for me
The more I learned and practiced magick the more I felt rewarded in the physical realm.


I definitely can feel the standard, at first I was working with Lucifer mainly, and now have been evoking Azazel and Bael, as soon as I started working with Bael those trials began, he’s definitely testing me, but from what I understand about him he’s definitely someone you want to work with too Ascend.
I do a banishing every night before I sleep.

To be honest I think this happens with any path when people start honouring the spiritual and do the inner work to attract what they want. It’s not unique to lhp.

Trials are something else - a perception - you being tested, generally. But energy blocking you has to be cleared away for more suitable energy to come in for you to ascend. We don’t always have the skills to know what’s what when it happens, but often as you learn more you’ll be able to look back and the pattern will be clear.


‘The gods aren’t merciful, that’s why they’re gods’- Cersei Lannister IIRC.

This is the truth! Magic is like a big pool- you’re either getting splashed on the side, dipping yourself in it, or are submerged. The thing about trials is that it’s a word, so, if you’re trying to set up or understand them, ask the spirit(s) you’re talking to what they mean by ‘trials’. IME they range from inconveniences to threatening the existence of everything you love; as you grow stronger magic and become better at it, you’ll either take your toes out of the pool and run screaming in the name of survival, or you’ll evolve in ways beyond your imagining! Problems exist to be solved. :slight_smile:

What @Twilight_Dragon says isn’t entirely correct; most spirits won’t just kill you for being in the shallows of magic, but some will fuck you and any bystanders up faster than you can process in the name of catalyzing your evolution. Reality is tough and nature is brutal- not every spirit understands ‘human sensibilities’, because society as a concept is relatively new.

The deeper you go into magic, the more at risk you and everything connected to you will be. It comes with the territory. If you aren’t ready to risk everything, don’t try to evolve; if you’re fine with being in the shallows of sorcery, that’s your prerogative, but trying to be stronger and more grandiose is a way of conveying your intention to spiritually evolve. It’s a sticky slope to slip down, and most kinds of people can’t prepare for that!

Magic is fun, but not risk-free. Some spirits will give it their all to crush you and only yield when you make them. Nothing’s set when everything is hard and fast, and any personal ethical or moral sensibilities you may have will get directly attacked as a result of your trying to evolve.

We have two options in life: evolve or stagnate. Picking up magic is an evolution, so the local times will get a bit messed up.

If you’re trying to become a god, you first have to learn how to pose a threat to one, and what that entails! :slight_smile:


If you are facing too many problems do this simple ritual everyday-

Offer incense to any warrior deity you like and pray to him/her that may he take away all your life problems for that day and 7 days from that day. Imagine the incense growing and filling the whole sky. Do this daily. After few months you will start to see strong results and will always be protected, be it from baneful magick, accident or enemy. Even if you stand amongst 1000 enemies of yours you will find that for some reason no one has be able to even touched you !