Goetic spirits fucked me up time ago

I was searching for other people who had similar bad experiences like me I evoked nearly 40 demons I followed koetings metod which I wish I hadnt :slight_smile: so here is a fellow mage found her in reddit. My life was falling apart then :slight_smile:

I recently spoke with six Goetic spirits, just to interview them, and I had some interesting conversations with them (using Automatic Writing).

I started with Astaroth, who is unique in that she is a deposed goddess, not a disruptive spirit like most of the others. She is a goddess of creation from destruction, along the same lines as Tiamat and Kali-Ma. However, she is bitter and angry at being demonized, and as a result, she sounds and feels more like a demon than a deity. She came across as curt and resentful. I dismissed her too soon, and she punched me. I felt internally as if something had hit my stomach. I contacted her again the next night to apologize, and she was pissed off. Not vengeful, just frustrated with me. I deserved the punch to the gut. She claimed that demons don’t forgive, but I think she accepted my apology. She dumped some of her energetic crap on me, and decided that she was willing to work with me since I was willing to take it. I thanked her for forgiving me, and she said “you’re welcome,” but called me something incomprehensible I understood to mean “apprentice/journeyman/newbie” but derogatory.

Dantalion is a trickster-like entity who thinks the world exists to amuse him. He told me that he is not happy, since demons cannot be happy, but he is satisfied. He wanted to be “friends” with me, but I know not to place any trust in him. I started to mess up my words, such as almost writing “friends hurt each other” instead of “friends trust each other,” and I almost said “Deal?” as a figure of speech before hurriedly stopping myself. It’s important to keep your guard up when speaking to demons. After that, I dismissed him.

Sitri felt similar, but harder to talk to. His entire personality and energy is uncomfortable and distracting. Instead of getting clear words, I mostly got a jumbled mess of stuff from him. I told him he was like Dantalion, and he denied it, saying that Dantalion’s idea of fun was boring. I actually saw an image of him in my mind, a man-shaped figure with leopard paws. He bounced around and occasionally started digging like an animal. I decided it was pointless to get straight answers out of him, and dismissed him.

Stolas I got a clear picture of. He looked like an owl (duh), a huge, sinister barn owl with creepy reddish glowing eyes. He tried to get me to trade with him, energy for instruction in how to see in the dark. That’s a red flag, as you can imagine. I refused several of his offers, and tried throwing him some of the crap Astaroth gave me. He refused it, since it wasn’t mine. I ended up giving him some of my pent-up jealousy and rage, since I wanted to get rid of it anyway. He tore it apart with his beak the way a real owl would. He told me I got very, very lucky. (Of course I did. I’m always lucky.) Be very wary of this one. He’s a predator, and he wants to eat you.

Kimaris’ name popped into my head randomly a year or so ago, and drew me to the Goetia in the first place. Kimaris explained that he is like the evil chancellor, clever and manipulative and working to his own benefit. He comes across as sophisticated and easy to talk to. He offered to obstruct my enemies and stop them in their tracks. When I told them that’s cheating, he said “it’s not cheating if it just happens.” I told him that I will not be directly or indirectly responsible for another’s destruction, no matter what the circumstance. This is a demon that will barter for your soul. I likely will not contact him again, but I’ve got a great idea for a character to write.

Finally, Gremory. I couldn’t see an image of her (or at least, I couldn’t get her design from Bloodstained out of my head), but I got the sense of a huge, dramatically imposing figure. She has an awesome, queenly presence. She likes being a demon, unlike Astaroth. She weaves illusions to make you think everything is okay and then pulls the rug out from under you, but she informed me that she wouldn’t try to trick me since everyone else had already tried that. She also said, “we have a begrudging respect for you, mostly because we find you annoying.”

So. My advice, if you ever want to talk to these entities, is to keep your guard up. Be careful, protect yourself, and be Genre Savvy as hell. I’m not sure if I’ll speak to them again, or if I’ll contact any more, but talking to them has definitely answered a lot of my questions about what exactly demons are, and it has provided me with inspiration. Definitely a useful experience.


the author told in other post that the spirits comunicated with images and knowing like they comunicate with me soe the author wrote it for us to understand

when I evoked them I gave offerings and blood and everything became very bad very bad luck now I know what is to have good luck I consider myself a miracle in good luck when I asked Michael for the first time to help me settle this the flame in the candles grew the size 3 times the candle I felt an immediate peace afther wards I was given proper powerful books on magic I am writing my experiences I am not including every goetic spirit. you guys need to be informed in order for you not to suicide ot go insane


good spirits I consider are some angels lakshmi ganesh and similar good spirits that like humans :slight_smile: I can include also santa muerte I havent with her but I studdy alot nowadays try not to ruin my life again


there are alot of contradictions between goetic sorcerers some have good exp some have bad please share your thoughts

Idk maybe demons just don’t like you, your energies are conflicting
Demons have the right to choose people they like, just like us. Try working with other spirits

Did you have an opinion on the demons before evoking them? If you tell someone that you don’t like them in their face they’re obviously not going to react nicely


I felt uneasy reading this post. I never had ant issues with demons. And Sitri is one of my beloved ones. Dantalion as well.
I have only one question for you… you say they liked you… but did you work with them and brought you what you asked for?


Most practitioners when a well known entity is being a dick they go “well you probably pissed them off” was he goetia are capable of simple being assholes just to be assholes lol. Baal was a prime example in my experiences with him, he found it fun from time to time out of his usual work.


If you don’t mind me asking what kind things was Baal doing to you?

Just curious of this particular entity.

I don’t see any fucking up going on. Aren’t you just being a drama queen?


In my projection experiences Baal has pretty much put me in situations where he would screw with a group of entities in a particular area and leave me to deal with it. Of course the first time was like “wtf” but after that I started getting use to his antics.


Perhaps these are just others spirits pretending to be the actual demons i.e. impostors - have you considered that ?


I did and this idea is a joke like summoning azazel with saturn sigil the spirit azazel comes so that removes this stupid idea of imposters maybe the spirit send the imposter. Azazel helped me yes not in the perfect way I wanted but still. belial I think fucked me a friend got in a serious car accident when I told her to summon him for her promblem she gave him offering she nearly died so stop defending them like they are white as snow :slight_smile: Lilith also I read from one magician is predatoric which I saw in the dark mirror yet some people defend like I think they never even worked with her even crowley child died with the name lilith I think. And no I am not a drama queen I am seeking truth what is good for me and what is bad and what needs to be done with caution. There are magic backlashes like in 8 of 10 spells in my life and some other peoples lives so we need to discus these things. and yes some spirits like you and some dont but attacking you because they can doesnt defend them.


I am not talking about all goetics here I think Bune is great and some spirits for atack but it sais they are cruel and that is their specialization. I did love spells with goetics and gave alot of blood they made fun of me by drawing only gay men I wanted women some even said that they didnt understand between male and female and defended them that is a sick joke those are small examples.


please share your experiences not bashing mine tell us yours I think 80 percent here dont even practice

Out of topic did you notice the bigest leader of Ahriman his follower book writer is in a wheelchair why would I work with something that can kill me even if I followhim I am talking generaly here

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Working with any energies and dieties requires a clear mind and yes you should put conditions on your work so you do not have things and people you care about expensed For results. I highly suggest you seek a specialist instead of relying on a forum full of people who don’t share your experience. Also summoning FOURTY brings sounds like a lot to me!!! Do you want to be gang banged? 1 is seriously fine. I have worked with only one on your list Sallos (I think that’s the same as Stalos?) he does hang around and like to share your energy and be that haze so that your relationships are colored through that lense. Yes he effects your thoughts. All spirits work off of your energy so that is no different. If you do not like what a Spirit has to offer chances they do not like the energetic currents and conditions you are forcing them into.

But take Bune for example. Bune’s focus is very different than Sallos’s and they don’t seem to mesh. They dilute each other and their effect which no Spirit wants. But especially I get the vibe When Bune is working on a task she/he wants to work on it alone! Bune is very confident so adding others into the mix can be construed as an insult that you lack confidence in her/him and Bune will push out the other influences. I’ve litterally seen a spirit tap out with a quickness due to Bune pushing them out. Others they don’t mind working with a spirit that is in a similar wheel house.


thank you you have no idea you solved one of my problems :slight_smile: I stopped for 4 months because of this problem

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Glad I could help


Can you dm me about the wisdoms you gained from the goetia on various topics?