Goetic Honey Jar

Hoping this is the correct category.

I’m wondering if a Honey Jar could be combined with the use of a Goetic entity. I’ve searched BALG and couldn’t find anything pertaining to this. I’ve also tried Google and still found nothing. It is very possible that I’ve overlooked the answer, however.

My thought is that you would place the Honey Jar on top of the sigil of a Goetian that corresponds to the purpose of the jar and work from there.

And following that thought, I was lead to this scenario: more than one Goetian. Using three entities (each one corresponding to bits of the petition placed inside the jar), drawing their sigils on paper, opening all three sigils, and asking for their assistance in the working if the Honey Jar, then placing the Honey Jar on the center of the drawings.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or information/practical experience? Any bit of insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, you can use the seal of a spirit from the Goetia in a honey jar spell.

I may be wrong, but I think the seal of the spirit goes in the jar though, along with the other ingredients, not underneath it.


Thank you! I didn’t know if anyone had tried this before, although I’m sure someone somewhere has. I was playing around with different methods sms strategies in my mind and the thought of the sigils surrounding the jar came into play. However, placing the sigils in the jar seems more logical.

Thank you

Yes absolutely a demon jar could be used with a Goetia Deity. After obtaining a jar, your second step is picking the demon. Then you fill the jar up with things which are attributed to that demon or items that are symbols for things you want to achieve or sigil. By gazing into the glass and evoking spirits you could find answers to questions, prescience , visions, depending on the casting or intent of the user. I thought I would mention that there is a pretty interesting thread already created regarding demon (Goetic honey jars) or obsession jars for more research or information at this link:

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Oh, thank you! I knew I’d ended up overlooking something.

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Personally, I put sigils on the metal lid of the jar.


I was thinking something along those lines to assist with the petition paper inside. Or perhaps place the sigils around the jar, do the working, burn the sigils and scatter the ashes around the jar. Like I said, running thoughts in my head.

Consider this:

*put the spirits sigil on the lid that you are working with.
*then make a sigil for the individual working chaos magic style and put it on paper to use and torch during the working.

My reasoning of putting the working sigil on the paper is because this allows you to use the same honey jar month after month as long as it keeps producing.

****I learned this from an error I made. I did a good jar and made a sigil that had contained hard dates in the meaning behind the sigil. I wrote this on the lid. The jar was epic but i was unable to reuse effectively because i had an outdated sigil permanently attached.

But attaching a spirits sigil wouldn’t have the same drawback.

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I most certainly will. What if the use were more than one spirit? Perhaps draw or etch their sigils on the jar itself?

It definitely makes sense to put the working sigil on paper. I hadn’t even considered slipping chaos style in with it. You’ve given me quite a bit to think about now and I thank you greatly for it!

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