Demon Jars

obsession spell of mine put some cotten n jar write ppl names on paper fold make sure they touch wrap with cotten put in jar meditate intention on it pour suger in jar then more cotten allthe way to top close light a candle then place under your bed after candleis out then place under your bed…

it is the same but didnt think pf a demon jar have you tried it yet?


If this does work it could be revolutionary.


Yeah it was based on that. Using the jar as a conduit for the spirit rather than your will. Essentially it’s just changing who’s will is being channelled and to what purpose.
Not yet, will in a couple of weeks though.

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id like to kno if it wors can u update me

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I don´t recommend doing that if you are clumsy as hell. you might accidently break it. I personally prefer more stronger substances to work with.

Very cool evocation concept. Nice work, man.


Could a large cremation urn work filled up with human bone fragments and grave dirt, with a gold leaf seal on it.


Burning Suger get’s extremely hot, (decomposes at 186 °C (367 °F; 459 K) into caramel, burning temperature i couldn’t find, but surely a good amount higher then the so called “melting point”)
so make sure you have a Metal Plate under the complete Set-up.
Also be ready to have some staining smell after that in your room,
since burning Suger smells very shitty.
Except those concerns, it sounds really promising.

  • Are you sure it wasn’t to be Candles on top of sugar piles?
    that’d make more sense to me.

Except if you ment Rocket Candy (sugar mixxed with potassium nitrate, for oxidation - which burns more like a gun Powder.)




That’s a good point with the sugar, I did see the ritual being performed outside but hadn’t really thought much of it. I like the rocket candy idea, sounds like a good substitute. I’m sure about it not being candles though.


so… should I call 911? or…

On a serious note I think this would be hard to come by without cough breaking the law cough cough

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Could do, yeah. Though you’ll have to do the digging yourself, I’ll offer support in the form of watching and leaning on my spade

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O did that upset you forgetting going over 911, purchase human bone fragments from Lucifurian Apocrypha, quick you better call 911 against Lucifurian Apocrypha, you want to join the big boys and put on the big boy god armor and go out to the big abyss to travel around with the big Cthulhu, and the 9 gatekeepers, don’t you start Lecturing me about rights of ascension.

Seriously @Bowling270 didnt you see it was a joke?
No need to get so upset over nothing.

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It’s just a joke, chill out. Do what you, do we all have done something we shouldn’t to get this far to ascension.

I’ve actually made demon jars.

Needed component vary.

First step is obtaining a jar, second step is picking the demon. Then you fill the jar up with things which are attributed to that demon.

Like the gemstone or crystal it’s tied with.
Like it’s favourite incense, any herbs associated with that demon too.

Find out what planet and element it’s connected too, then use herbs and other magickal items connected to the demons planet and element.

Create a sigil of the demon anoint it in blood or semen or both and open it and charge it, then place it inside the jar.

You can also place planetary squares which are connected to the planet the demon is connected too inside the jar.

Next obtain cloth or material which is in the colour which is connected to that demon around the jar.

Then seal the jar, consecrate a candle with the energies of that demon. Make a small incision on the jars lid then place the candle on that.

At the bottom of the jar draw it’s sigil in marker, open it on the outside of the jar and seal the jar using your blood.

Light the candle open the flame as a gateway, you can even use the jar as a vessel, you can summon the demon and place it inside the jar.

You can even use it not only as a vessel but can incorporate it in a candle spell, it has many more uses.


@Biffa_Bacon Sounds similar to a Witches Ball… Is that where you got the idea? Witch’s Balls were hollow glass spheres hung in windows in several rooms of the home to ward off witch’s spells, evil spirits and ill fortune. Amazingly many witches balls were also a device used for scrying or divining things. By gazing into the glass, a witch could find answers to urgent questions, predict future events, or supposedly have visions of faraway places and evoke spirits, depending on the casting or intent of the user. The globes were usually made of dark blue or green glass.

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Very interesting I just saw your post. I made a post today but I made the jar for prosperity.

So last night I made my own version of a prosperity jar. I went a little intense with the ingredients and had 31 total of herbs and oils. I set it on my alter and lit a candle with my offerings. I always lite a candle with some nuts and dried fruit but nothing really happens. Last night there was a shadow on the wall and the arm and hand kept tapping my alter as if it was picking up my offerings and eating. I kept asking who was there but I haven’t opened my senses fully. Then my tv kept going on and off. I asked the other people in my house and my tv was the only one. I really wish I knew what it was. Hopefully soon as I used herbs for a clearer psychic ability. Does this mean my request was heard and will grant these things? There was nothing around that could miminic the figures I saw.

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Glad you pointed that out, would have been lost without it :wink:
Nice method, though. Feels like a strong evocation method, perhaps a nice shortcut for those who lack the spiritual ability to evoke consistently ?
My method was aimed more towards a haunting style manifestation than a straight evocation.

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Wasn’t actually, but I like the sound of those; I’ll definitely have a look into them. I got the idea for the demon jar from the obsession jar spell.

@Biffa_Bacon Interesting posting i like the obession jar work i will have try this one out. :grinning:

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