Goetic demons or Vashikaran to get ex back

If you had to choose between Goetic demons (e.g. Sallos, Dantalion, Gaap) or using Vashikaran mantra magick to get an ex back, which one would you choose and why?

What’s vashikaran?

Vashikaran (also called the mantras of subjugation) are used to control the actions, thoughts and feelings of a named individual by creating changes in her/his energy field.



I´ve been thinking about using both, but I don´t want to produce an overkill effect on the target.

Check your Pms.

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Can you give us some of these mantras?


Since this is a much experimented form of dark magick from the Far East, there are hundreds of this Vashikaran mantras for free online.

This particular one is for control:

You have to put a very strong intent while reciting it and also keep a powerful belief as if your lover is in front of you and you feel that she/he is yours.


Hello have you succeed from it or do you know anyone who has succeeded from it.

From Vashikaran or Goetia?

Vashikaran as there are so many fraud in this field , I’ve started to loose hope?

Vashikaran works or might not work depending on the caliber of person who is wielding it. Also if you read some books on mantras you will know that mastery of a mantra takes really long time. In most cases you need to chant one lakh times.

But if some one gives you a vashikaran mantra, someone who is a real tantric or aghori it will have some power.

I’m personally against using vashikaran mantras for sexual exploitation but if you are trying to gain political favours or getting some work done then by all means you can try.

Are you from India?

And you need to introduce yourself first here…

I’m from Nepal. No I need it to rekindle with my boyfriend who has blocked me from everywhere

Use Duke Sallos!

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Duke Sallos,no doubt👍

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How many times should I chant this?

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At least 108 every day until you see the result you want.

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I’ve considered doing the vashikaran before, but the problem is that most of the videos on this are not in English, and I have yet to really find a genuine worker online. I have heard that it is very powerful if done correctly, and hope that it works for you!

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