Goetic correspondence

I was reading an older thread about the difference between several Goetic Spirits with ‘the same’ capabilities. The point there was made that these Spirits have an Elemental attribution that determines how fast and how stable the results of their actions are. That appears to be quite useful information to have.

I am really inexperienced in this and started reading several websites that give the elemental correspondences for each of the Spirits. But I don’t understand how these correspondences are made. So I tried to see if there is a connection between the zodiac sign and the planet ruling over the deacon.

For example:
Eligos is day demon of the third deacon of Leo.
Leo is a Fire sign and the planet ruling the third deacon is Mars.
However, Eligos is said to be of the element of Water, and his planet is Venus (Duke)

If Aries is placed in the East than Leo is in the Northern quadrant, that could be an explanation for the element. But not for the planet.

I made the entire list and only 16 of the 72 have a planetary deacon that matches with their title (King, Duke etc…) That’s 22.22%

With the risk of once more making a fool of myself, I ask if there is anyone reading this who can shed some light on this subject.

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