Goetia spirits who support/nurture the vegetation?

Hey maybe someone knows this. Which spirit of the Goetia can help with vegetation? With nurtering plants, flowers as well as trees? A demon who loves the Flora…


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Bathin would be first choice as wort cunning is kinda his thing. Buer, Stolas, Foras, and Marax are associated with plants as well.


Is this for a specific location or patch? I think you’d be better off talking directly to the nature intelligences or Devas right there, the Spirit of Place, any nearby Fae and guardian spirits in and the spirits of the plant species themselves. Best to work directly with the entities of the realm in question imo.

A Goetic spirit can help you liaise and Bathin is a good idea, but they will be a go-between, and you don’t need a translator.


Agares is very good.

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Stolas was my first thought.

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I don’t know any goetia spirit to help with that exactly but Lady Freya and having her shrine built nicely outside would do wonders for flora. This also serves time to feed the fairies and elementals that stick around your backyard. It’ll keep them happy.

Happy gardening :slight_smile:

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Awesome responses guys!!!

It’s important to be in a harmonious relationship with nature. The goetia demons are a big Support for humanity and that’s why this nature aspect has to be profoundly researched. Especially the relation of goetia and the nature

More than this, Goddess Baphomet is a big support for nature, as well as Unsere and Verrine, Cernunnos and Pan too