Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove

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Hi there,

I’ve purchased the Goetia Pathworking after reading this thread, and I’ve just finished to read through it.

I found this system rather interesting, definitely different from the usual systems I’m used to deal with. I can’t say if it works or not as I’m not that presumptuous, it seems a rather exemplified way to do Magick but I think that with the right circumstances could still give some results.
I will definitely try it and see it myself.

I have a question though: I could see that in the book and in some posts here on the forum the term “pathworking” is used to talk about that particular technique that uses use visual imagery to contact specific entities, while in other parts of the forum and internet has a more wide meaning of working within a specific path.

As I’m new to this terminology, can someone please clarify this? There aren’t definite answers I could find in the forum.

Also, if “pathworking” is not the term for that specific visual imagery technique, can you please tell me if there’s a specific term for it, and if there are books that use the same? I’m interested in applying this technique to my current practice, within a more complex ritual.
I’m especially interested in using it for contacting entities of the qliphothic realms such as Naamah, or Lilith for example, while the Goetia Pathworking book is focused only on the 72 goetia demons.

Thank you

The term “pathworking” comes from the practice of Kabbalah, and refers to working with the 22 paths of the Tree of Life.

However, the word has since entered common parlance and is now used to refer to any working with a specific group of spirits.

For example, in his book Evoking Eternity, EA has specific groups of angels and demons one would work with for spiritual Ascent, that he refers to as a pathworking.

In Hargrove’s book, as well as the books “Raziel’s Paths of Power”, and “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons,” you are “pathworking” the Goetia, the 72 Angels of the Shemhamforash, and Lucifer’s legions, respectively.

The technique of using visual imagery as a method of contact is most often referred to as “visionary magick,” and it seems to be mainly used in the system of Enochian Magick, for travelling the 30 Aeythers, as far as I can tell. That is where I first encountered it, anyway.

Damon Brand also uses it in his Archangels of Magick book, in which he refers to the images as “Evocation Keys.”


That’s great, thank you for your reply, it’s very helpful!

I’ll look into the other books you mentioned as well.

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I have the book, been reading it but not practicing it.

He said in purification, you have to skiping meal a day. I am kinda confuse, it is you skiping your breakfast or lunch or just straightforward a day without any food. English is not my first language, sorry for the silly question

just a meal, so breakfast for example, not the whole day

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Ah, thanks for your reply
now i can do the ritual

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Hello I own this book and have read it and tried one of the rituals, it’s early days yet but no results, has anyone had any success with this method?

I like the book but I found it to be a lesser version of the pathworking of Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.


Useless book. Would not recommend.

@Class Could you place elaborate on your opinion? It doesn’t really help anyone if we say something is worthless or great. It really helps more when we hear why you think so, so that we can make an educated judgment on your biases.


First off… I have been practicing and studying magick and occult philosophy for 12 years now. And pathworking is nothing new it’s been around for thousands of years. And it’s a time tested proven method and yes it works with the Goetia too. The difference with Goetic pathworking is that Goetic Demons either require a offering or for you to obstain from something. And in this book corwin hargrove clearly says to obstain from eating for a period of time. Which would be the form of offering your giving to the Goetic Demon. So to all the people that say pathworking doesn’t work you obviously don’t know enough about pathworking or it’s history to be the judge of it.


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