Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove

new book, seems interesting https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1097668940/ref=dbs_a_w_dp_1097668940


I just bought the kindle version of this book, definitely seems interesting.
I also have the pathworking books by Theodore Rose, Lucifer and the Hidden Demons
and the one on Angels pathworking by Jareth Tempest, Raziel’s paths of Power.
I realy like the pathworking approach to magic, as Ive always been a very imaginative person and m fairly good at envisioning scenery that Ive read about.
Havnt worked with Corwin’s or Jareth’s yet, but Theodore’s book, Ive had some good outcomes with.

Invoked Lucifer to speed up time on a situation in whuch I was waiting for my medical disabilty leave to be determined when I had to have radiation for a tumor last month, and heard back the next morning.
Also worked with Paimon, to help me determine what I really wanted out of a certain situation, and it cleared up my emotional state almost instantly to allow me to determine my best way to go.


I can’t honestly say anything good about him or his material

Your experience may be different

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@PrinceX, this is brutal :disappointed::disappointed:
Please do not post this on amazon :grinning:


You’re reading my mind :joy:

Was going to but it’s too early, it would be really bad for his sales. Better let people try and find out for themselves


@Illumia You are so naive :sweat_smile:
@PrinceX How about Initiation into hermetics ?

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That’s a masterpiece!!! One of the few books ever written about magick and worth studying. But still… the book is teaching techniques for a path. Doesn’t tell readers what they will find at the end. The book is extremely powerful as a path to the accurate understanding and practice of magick. But once you reach what those techniques are intended to lead to, you’re free from them. Can even create your own.

If there’s one book I would recommend about magick, it would be that book. Good choice :+1:


LOL Tell us how you really feel?

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Strongly agreed!


Have you tried to see if it works?

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Yes it does work. You will feel the presence of the spirit. That’s the point of the pathworkings and keys etc The results after that depends on your faith, that’s how petition magick works.

If you want better outcome then use those pathworkings and sigils with the “petition for results” ritual from “Demons of Magick” book, instead of the evocation keys. You cal also skip calling Angels and God’s names etc That will bring you much better results.


You have asked a very simple question, a good one. With all due respect like you, most people are curious if it does good, however especially in magick; where all things work through a subtle play on the mind of the magician; such a question; may have placed your thought structure is at mercy of other people. If the person chooses to laugh or deride your intention, or maybe it didn’t work for him quite well, then your subjective belief in the power of the working could be shattered.

Hopefully, PrinceX is a good guy and he always tries to help.

Why I say all of this; not only for that book you can be sure but just a reminder for the future and hence for your success.

IMHO you should see it for yourself, try it; if it satisfies you then it 's good; if not try something else…

There is no universal truth, at least in magick, something that works for someone may not work for you, vice versa. Some people like to drive some like to fly and there is no right way; there are only choices (and there may be pros and cons at most)

Hargrove did write good books at least on GOM standards ( practical things I may say not like the classics of Bardon for sure; maybe in the future he will) and while he had the opportunity to write any books on Djinn magick again or something related to Demonolatry; for some reason he chose to write something about pathworkings. We may easily assume that he also knows one thing or two about magick or at least his editors, so they were keen that it works and have proceeded with Pathworking.

Pathworking is something new ( maybe it was a hidden secret but for me new) and lately seems to be on the rise. Maybe it did not work for some of our friends for some reasons, and nothing is for everybody as magick, as everything is at the mercy of our the mind at the end.

As I say; please try for yourself and see what happens. It works for most of the people and may work well for you.

Good luck :metal:


I’m just wondering why you personally care about his book sales. Is he like a good friend or something?

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I don’t really care. He made good books in the past, I feel it’s not fair to trash this one based on my personal opinion. People have the right to make up their own mind and learn from their own positive/negative experience without influence. Don’t care about him or them or anyone else… I just do what I believe is the right thing to do. Personal judgment, not sympathy.

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I’ve seen your reviews and your opinions are just that. Opinions. I’ve personally gotten enormous results from Theodore’s book. Along with Damon brands angel of alchemy book. Which you referred to as a kids book… but then you said Ben woodcrafts book is incredible. Despite it being even simpler than Damon’s.

People on certain fb groups I’m in already reported results from the book corwin published. He has a solid reputation and If you actually read the book you’ll see that pathworkings are the essence of the magic. Corwin has already a solid reputation, so do not shove down your hermetic dogma on people.


Did I mention that my reviews are anything else but opinions ? Did I forgot to say they’re divine revelations from an invisible asshole in heaven? My bad thank you for the reminder ! I will make sure to do that in my next reviews I promise. But for all my reviews until this day, I obviously didn’t.

The book is incredible compared to GoM books because it includes almost all kinds of Angels, and the sigils are much better than Brand’s sigils. They’re not a bunch of words in Hebrew! If you know the meaning of the symbols used in those sigils you would understand.

I do not do that, as you can see I didn’t publish my review of the book on Amazon because I like his previous books. And I mentioned that in my previous comments here.

You’re a very confused angry person :thinking:

The authors you’re "defending’ in your childish comment are followers of Hermetic principles in all their work.

There is no Dogma in Hermetics. It doesn’t scare people with eternal hell fire if they don’t “believe in” God’s only begotten loser son who died on the cross like a bitch. It doesn’t encourage followers to run around a rock in the desert praising a Maniac God and a pedophile prophet. It doesn’t command idiots to hit their heads on a wall and cry praying for mercy in the past 4000 years to this day waiting for a messiah who will never come :slight_smile:

So what Dogma you’re talking about and how I tried to shove down this dogma on people?


I love this book. I had an overwhelming result and I can feel the presence. Maybe pathworking is not for everyone :slight_smile: and ceremonial magick is not for me :slight_smile:


I hate you sir :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It is good that you are having results, I feel path working is for some people.

Would like it if you could share your results to help some new members; you could keep the details if they are personal :slight_smile:

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I agree with Christianity reference, however I’m not talking about that. You called the angels of alchemy book a children’s book. I’ve gotten very profound results from this book. It bothers me that you probably haven’t read the book and noticed that the pathworkings they are doing are essentially essence of the demons. This is what I imagine the ancients did to do magic. And through dogma and “tradition” it has been deluted with angelic constraints, and attention to drama and theater during ritual. that’s what I mean by dogma. Of course I’m not bashing hermetic principles.

Not to mention you said that Theodore’s book has a 20% rate of success. I absolutely disagree. Your review states that you do all these rituals and only some have a hit rate. I’ve gotten more out of magic in the 2-3 years of practice and consistent effort using rituals in key areas to shift my thinking, beliefs, and make more money in my businesses along with many other workings best left private. I’m doing very well now and continue to scale and escalate my sphere of influence. You’ve been doing this for 20+ years. I can’t imagine myself doing what you say in those reviews in 20 years. Ritual after ritual after ritual. You should reread Theodore’s opening chapters and read Corwins books again because it looks like you missed the point. If anything it looks like Damon brands Angels of alchemy seems like the book you need the most

So to everyone who reads this. Corwin Hargrove’s magic works. Theodore Roses book works. The gallery of magic books work. Henry archer, and Ben woodcrofts magic books work. And all the success depends mostly on you and your efforts. To quote Corwin “As with all magick, you don’t rely on the magick entirely, but let it empower your own efforts, and add supernatural effects to your natural caution.” even though he is talking about deception and secrecy, this applies to all the magic you do as stated in the beginning.

And to quote Theodore “I believe people put more effort into online disputes than they put into their magickal practice. If you want to succeed, that needs to change. Find the space to know your own mind.”

Unfortunately even I fall into this category from time to time like what I’m wasting my time doing right now :joy:. But then again, not really.

I’m not going to continue this because I don’t care to be some keyboard warrior that gets satisfaction from the few likes they like from an occult forum.

But my advice for you is that you need Clarity to know what you want and your purpose on the planet. Make a plan to EXECUTE IT ruthlessly using your SKILLS and EFFORT. And use magic to accelerate the process, destroy your obstacles and get what you want
Then you won’t focus on “hit rate” of a magic book and focus more on getting results that satisfy you.

Aim high, dream big, but work in stages