Gods/saints/entities for new beginnings


I need names of entities that are traditionally associated with road opening/removing obstacles/new beginnings. I am looking for something job-wise, but any entity that is generally associated with “new beginnings” can be fine as well.

Some entities of this type that come to my mind and that brought me some favorable resutls when working with them are: Hermes, Ganesha

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Dymphna Is the patron saint of change.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is what I see recommended often in regards to new beginnings but she’s the saint of brides, beggars and nursing homes so I’m not sure without reading into her specifics why she’s often referred to here.

St Cayetano is the saint for job seekers, google says Lazarus Devasahayam is a new Saint for new beginnings, but I haven’t worked with these either.

I prefer Ganesha over Hermes, I’ve actually got a servitor empowered by him for this, that I should share someday when I am caught up as my personal use is limited.

I don’t have anything against Hermes, I just seem to jive with the Hindu gods better than the Greek- which makes very little sense as I often find the Greek Gods around when things are rough lol.

Otherwise you don’t really need an entity, I usually do not use one for road opening rituals. I typically tailor my ritual to the situation however, so I could use one and just don’t usually feel it’s necessary.

Google has a lot of resources for hoodoo/folk magic type road opening rituals- some of them may call upon saints, but many do not and are very similar to what I do.

I’m sure there’s many other spirits for this, I’m just missing them, but hopefully someone will come along and fill that blank space lol. :rofl:


The planet Jupiter is well known for helping with expansion in all areas of life.


Also if you’re looking at changing many aspects of your life, like careers instead of just job- you might be interested in my new project…but they are not well known entities as they are rather newly created.

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I actually approached some saints before,but because of one reason or another most of the ones traditionally associated with new openings didn’t work out for me, such as st Jude or st Joseph. St Rita brought me a job offer once, but it was actually a job that could potentially land me in trouble sic!

I like Ganesha, as he is probably one of the most likeable entities in general, but when it comes to working with him (at least for me) he is slightly clumsy, i.e. he is powerful, he helps, but the wait is slightly longer. In my case Hermes is pretty swift, but at the same time the energy feels slightly impersonal.

When it comes to the rituals I haven’t yet graduated the class of petition spells and simple spells, but I tried some basic hodoo spells in the past and the results were promising.

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I primarily use this type of magic because it’s so easy to do and get right and it just feels right to me.

Basically whatever the instructions have you doing, you’re generating energy. If it’s writing the name backwards or nine times or whatever- you are putting energy into it.

The actions themselves tell that energy what to do- so you write the targets name backwards nine times or something to send them away, or return their curses, whatever it is- this tells your subconscious mind and and the energy you are generating what you want.

So this type of magic is very effective for people who have trouble with raising emotions or who aren’t really good with energy and how to direct it yet, because they are quite literally set up to cover your ass.

As long as you do the actions and think about what you’re trying to do, you generate the energy and inform it what you want it to do.

I think it’s harder to mess up unless you run into conflict of mind/thoughts/doubt etc while doing these types of rituals.

I do call entities sometimes, and sometimes they show up once I am started and lighting candles to help because they are well suited for what I am doing.

So this type of magic is also real flexible, you can substitute items you don’t have for ones you do- because they are really just helping your subconscious know what you intend and you can add or delete spirits fairly easily. :blush:

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I think that sharing links openly is against the rules, but could you please send me a dm with links to any simple rituals that work for you?
Thank you

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I started out surfing the lucky mojo forums, I found myself to be a bit more out of the box- in thinking, and have since branched out and adapted my style from a mix of things.

I usually just define what I’m trying to do, go find my kitchen for herbs and google for what herbs are appropriate, intuit which ones to use from what I have that is appropriate and then design what I’m doing with it from there.

Sometimes I know I want candles right from the start and sometimes I don’t. I let my intuition lead me so, I’m not the best for resources anymore.

I know I read a few books on kindle when I started out but I know I was also depressed it was the same stuff over and over. I didn’t really understand why the rituals are designed like they are back then.

I just knew I liked hands on magic because it worked and felt good.

I know there are several hoodoo practitioners around, so perhaps one of them will stumble by with a good resource that is also current/up to date for you.

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Papa Legba is the guardian of the crossroads. He is also traditionally associated with road opening/removing obstacles/new beginnings. He will send your requests to the ancestors, gods, and other spirits.