Gods as egregores

So I was reading the Black Magick Manifesto and came across the Gods as eregores. Timothy saying they are manmade spirits but is that just a thing people in the LHP accept? Or are they actual beings in a way with the names we give them as masks? What have they said to you about it? I know its all up to theory and interpretation but that’s one thing in this book that I don’t quite see as making sense. Timothy has some great passages in this book don’t get me wrong and I could see maybe the Christian God and Angels being Egregores but I wanted to know what others think?


It’s my belief that every non-human spirit is an egregore. I do believe that there are true ascended men and women who aren’t egregores, as well as the spirits of the dead, such as Catholic Saints or Necromantic shades.

But, yes, all gods, angels, demons, djinns, etc are all egregores.

Well wait about alien spirits, or beings. Other worlds out there exist with Life like ours then have they created spirits? If so what determines the spirits power? We create them and they become beings of power in the astral, much more power than the mundane human in the physical world

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But then again what is real? As Azazel said " I am as real as the world you are on, which is all fake" (Not exact quote but its in the book of Azazel). So are we even really real? are they real and always have been just on a different level? is our existent just like theres? hmm

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Also @MKUltraMadeMeDoIt doesn’t a lot of demons and gods appear in other cultures as masks? and I say gods not as something to worship but as a being. If they are egregores how can they be in many different societies masking as other gods? I just hear a lot of different things and wanting to get soem takes.

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It’s my belief that the “aliens” are just a modern word for a very ancient occurance. I do believe that aliens are spiritual beings, not that they are physical beings from outer space.

Other worlds with life capable of interacting with the spirit realms would have their own ascended masters, and cultural egregores.

The power of an egregore is based upon your confidence in their power.

There is the concept of maya from Buddhism, that the world as we know it is an illusion. But, I think, therefore I am. I generally fall into the philosophy of solipsism in relating to the world. That I am the only one to exist, and all other aspects of my reality are created by my mind.

Not really, there are a few legitimate exceptions of biblical demons being based off the Canaanite deities, but for the most part the 72 Goetic demons are mostly original creations so to speak. I don’t believe that Astaroth is Ishtarte, but, beelzebub being based on baalzebub is believable.

For the most part, “masks” are either literal stealing between religions or merely coincidences. But, it doesn’t stop each mask from becoming an egregore. For example, Lucifer is a Latin translation of a nickname for the King of Babylon, not another title for Satan. Yet, Lucifer is one of the most evoked demonic entities. I smell a con artist.

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Okay I see that. Plus I’ve seen there are a ton of entities and spirits that aren’t document and exist in the Astral. Wouldn’t it be possible for life to exist on the astral without us creating it. It can’t be possible all the life or conscious energy to be created by us? Well in my mind at least but I do believe that nor you or I know this answer now and both of us could be right or both wrong or etc. Maybe its best we just call upon them and know they are real,not how they came here.


I guess egreores or not, they exist and were not better than them and they aren’t better than us. They are real and they live. Unless you believe its all in our mind than if that works for you than go for it.

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Not everyone believes that all spirits are egregores. I personally believe that there are manmade spirits as well as spirits that pre-exist man, with ascended humans being in a category of their own. But in the end, it’s all up to interpretation and it doesn’t really matter, at least practically. They still have power either way and are much older than anyone alive today.


There is no a clear answer to that; all depends on UPG. Science actually cannot explain all of that, zodiac, prophesies etc. we may offer some explanation to a degree, but they do not sustain or feed all the needs or clear all doubts, so in the long term maybe we will have more cover for such questions , (however in the long term we’ll all be dead as Keynes says; it’s such a long one)

IMO, There’ll always be different answers based different realities, you may look for one clear and unchanged reality but just spend some time on quantum, there is oneness for sure but there is multiple realities at once; how that could ever be; look there please

At the end as @FraterMagni says; we may be and ( we should be indeed) practical in a way like a finance professional you don’t bother with too many whys and endless discussions but just focus on your profit.

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Yes, at the end of the day, whether spirits are egregores or not is irrelevant as long as you’re getting results.


I personally don’t believe spritis are egregores, or very few of them, and these are masks that other sprits volunteer to take on. I think they all pre-existed the creation of humans, then some of them incarnated as humans, (meaning, all humans are incarnate daemons) and will still exist when human vessels are no longer available. Humans are a very new think in the universe, and I still think they were a Bad Idea.

Azazel said " I am as real as the world you are on, which is all fake"

Doesn’t matter though - asking if an entity is real is the wrong question to ask IMO - It’s fake like, a kid playing with playdoh that makes a playdoh cupcake is making a fake cupcake, and say’s "look at my cupcake’. What’s important is the experience and the memory of a story told, not that the playdoh cupcake was mushed up 3 seconds later to become a waffle. Theater is also ‘fake’ - the experience lingers.
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women, merely players.”

I have memories of being Sirian, I lived my whole life (the one I recall, there were a few) never knowing about Earth, and that time I died in the war. My memories are of a physical place, fucked up by physical war. If it had been spiritual only, everything would be fixed by thinking about it - not so, not yet. The heaven on earth part is where we get to shape the physical by thought, but that means being able to play better with others and control our thoughts and we can’t do that yet.


I don’t believe in the idea that all spirits or even a majority are egregores for a second and greatly dislike this theory.