Gods as egregores on LHP?

I read @Timothy’s Black Magic Manifesto and he says LHP sorcerers are atheistic and Gods and Deities are Egregores. He also says Egregores are a kind of spirit.

I want some clarifications. Are God and Deity synonyms? What is a spirit?


God and Deities are the same thing, God is often the masculine form of Goddess and deity is just gender neutral of the two .

A spirit is a entity that cannot or does not have a physical form here in our physical space, basically spirit is synonymous with soul. So any being that we can’t perceive tangibly/flesh and blood is a spirit while on our plane.


Are spirits objects or concepts? I define an object as that which has shape and a concept as that which doesn’t have shape. If spirits don’t have physical form in our space, I assume they have physical form in some space therefore would be objects because they have a shape.

I suppose some beings can represent concepts. As for objects I don’t believe so.

However yes they have physical form in their own space/plane. When you etheric project to their space your energy body adjusts to that space and takes on a semi physical form which allows you interaction on their plane. The same isn’t done here mainly because our density is much more slow/compact than theirs so it would take an enormous amount of energy in theory.

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Physical form is just very condensed energy. Spirits do not have physical form, but they, like us, still have consciousness and an energy body. It’s like we have two (more actually) bodies - a physical body and also an energy body. They only have the energy body.
So they’re not objects under your definition.

I don’t happen to agree with the above statement. I’ve read Timothy’s manifesto and I don’t recall that being the gist, exactly. LHP just means acting in self interest, and sorcerer is another word fr magick worker, so it doesn’t follow that all “LHP sorcerers” should believe the same thing. Plenty sorcerers believe in gods and worship them. Look up “Demonolatry” and the work of Marc Allen Smith, who is devoted to and under the thrall of his gods, Hekate, Lucifer and Belial. These are not atheists under thier own definitions.

God and deity are two words for the same thing.

Spirit is conscious energy gathered into a consistent sustainable pattern, capable of making independent decisions.

Egregores are like spirit AIs or complex thoughtforms. They are created by other spirits, usually in tandem, and are controlled by those spirits. They have consciousness and can made decisions, but not all decisions will be independent, for they are not thier own creatures. An egregore is made of the same stuff as spirits, and one of any spirit type can be created (maybe not by humans), it’s the lack of sovereignty that makes them an egregore.


How do you define energy?

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I think most people’s pagan gods are egregores. Most*. I’ve met some spirits that are way too human like to say all “gods” and “spirits” are. Lucifer is definitely not an egregore from my experience. There may be egregores inspired off of him and the crew though.

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Marc Allen Smith definitely really has portals in his books. I would say to newbies don’t even get the books until you are serious. The entities mentioned and others will come out to play…

I just realized this thread gave me one hell of a dejavu lmao.

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There’s egregore versions of most of the Gods and demons because many people don’t realize the astral is a mental plane and don’t keep their desires/imaginations in check so they create multiple thoughtform/egregores of the real entity. I’ve met real Deities and their thoughtform copies.


If the astral plane is mental, that means we can map it to entities that execute their processes and store their data.

You just gave me an interesting idea…Haven’t pulled it together yet, but this is interesting…In an evocation how would one know the difference?

He also said in an interview that only the physical books had him do a ritual of consecration on them, so the PDFs wouldn’t be as effective.
If this is the case, reading a PDF to find out if the system resonates you’d think wouldn’t be an issue.

Having said that… I’ve read the first, PDF version, Queen of Hell, which might explain Hekate becoming a strong presence around me come to think of it. I was kind of ignoring her for the most part; I’m just not feeling it, and I’m in no way shape or form going to get into devotional mode. I can do it, but it’s a massive effort for me to dumb down to what I see as a very primitive aspect of human energy. It’s a tool that has it’s uses, but it’s not just for the asking. There was some nagging and now she’s around but decent about it. Maybe another day.

Data is mostly stored at the spirit level, the mental level is for mental processing. Not all data is mental.

Everything is energy. Even formless void. Context becomes important.
In the context I used above, the human energy body is a vessel that allows the containment of more subtle energy bodies and the spirit.

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An evocation from a thoughtform to a real entity?

There has been people who wanted to map the astral but the collective unconscious/mental plane is ever changing. Many places in the astral don’t stay the same and people can simply create new places as well. So to map it would be to constantly change it based on the collective unconscious of every being capable of thought.

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Do egregores ever try to incarnate under aliases? You how ghost writing is when a writer writes under an alias. Do egregores act as characters in stories under an alias?

Egregores can’t reincarnate, the difference between an egregore and a ‘real’ being is a soul. Of course the creator of an egregore could fragment their own and give it to the egregore so it starts as a “new” soul, thus allowing it to reincarnate/incarnate. However, other than that, they are within the confines of the astral, when evoked or invoked it’s purely taking place within the mind, even to evoke outside of you is within the mind, which is different from evoking a ‘real’ being who can appear outside of you or within.


Is soul synonyms with body?