Goddess Astarte

Does anyone have any experience with Goddess Astarte ? Or done any spells with her as a chosen diety ? I personally have a closer relation to Greek Gods . So when I did some research I found that Astarte is a middle Eastern goddess. Egyptian. Of love , sex, war , fertility . Similar to Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
I actually read another post on this site about a love spell incorporated with her (Astarte) so I’m curious to learn more about this deity . If anyone else has experience with her?? I’d really appreciate all the info on her I can get . Thanks

Astarte is a form of Ishtar. From my personal experiences with her she usually comes off quite gentle with her interactions but has no qualms in being assertive and firm if she needs to be about certain things. She does have a temper, but it usually takes a lot to get her to that point unless outright insulted.

Her energy to me when evoked is quite soothing but her energy is very potent and can be overwhelming at times, especially when she does get more passionate presenting her warrior aspect.

Astarte when she appears to me typically has ashen hair with curved shaped horns. She tends to have light colored eyes (blue intermixed with green as well as specks of gold) and tends to have lightly tanned skin as well. Most of the time she is adorned with many types of jewels and typically wears revealing clothing although she has appeared to me in silver armor with golden accents at times.

She overall is a lovely goddess and tends to enjoy offerings such as:

  • Honey.
  • Sweet fragrances.
  • Wine.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Jewelry (preferably sterling silver).
  • Roses.
  • Blood (warrior aspect).
  • Meat (warrior aspect).

Thanks for the info I appreciate it

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No problem! If you need anymore information let me know and I can see what I can do. (:


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I agree with this 100% you described her energy well.

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