God protected me from Satan

Name one of them! :smiley:

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Belial, Ahriman, many of the Norse gods, pretty sure I recall E.A. saying Lucifer told him to only take one knee, because it shows strength and respect. :thinking:

There’s a world of difference between loving admiration and grovelling worship, but a lot of that would just end up arguing over what the term means to each of us.


This is pretty much what I have seen from him too. He has always been a lead from the front in the trenches leader.

I respect him greatly but I don’t think worship would come even close to what I do. I am lucky if I get an offering to him other then lighting candles or Incense to him every few months.


Lucky me that I’m not familiar with those kinds of interactions :upside_down_face:

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Who is your god? Yahweh? Or Lucifer(since you first put it ‘Lucifer’, then later edited it to ‘God’)?

Either way, having a faith and touting it to other people is not bad. You can believe any entity you want(of course, maintaining relationship with entity/entities is a different matter).
And people here don’t censor your posts for it.

But they can flag your posts when it’s slightly or entirely off-topic.
So if your posts are ‘censored’(actually flagged) then it means they were considered off-topic on some degrees.

I think your interest is different from the majority here.
Really I’m not trying to depress you, but if your God is Yahweh then you can go to Christian/Judaic/Islam forums depending on your faith and charisma.
If your God is Lucifer… hmm… there are many Luciferians here!
But your way of maintaining relationship with him may be different from other Luciferians, so I recommend other forums that are partially or entirely dedicated to him.

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While i think this particular case was likely a parasite, there are just flat out bad experiences with spirits in general, no matter how experienced one in. I remember there was an instance I learned why many did not recommend summoning both Pazuzu and Lamashtu at the same time. I could best describe the experience as a very bad marriage consulting session where the only thing both parties agree with is their hatred to the therapist in that moment. It took awhile for both to get around to working with me afterwards.

There have also been some encounters with some stand offish spirits in the past. One is not going to get along with every spirit. Not that another spirit is superior to the one you did not get along with or have a bad experience with, just a better one for you.

May you consider.
“God” is generic?
“God”, is an enttiy who has made you feel powerless compared to dispair.
“God”, is not known to you?
“God”, has power beyond you?
“God”, is an entity that has made you feel good, but little else.
“God”, has not struck me down.

Who is this God to you?
You can accept entities by title, but I have been known to be called the walker, the traveller, and other strange and mysterious esoteric names to a few individuals… I have also been called God, several times. The difference? I am kind enough to harshly correct those who worship me. This entity is not doing you a kindness.

Consider yourself, Consider your reality, Consider your factors.


Ill im going to say is good luck. Noone will like you saying that your god is all powerful. Unfortunately i prayed so many nights to yahweh for help in a private matter. Not something as trivial as money or sex. I needed help but he didnt answer.

Later one I become agnostic and then i tried magick and demonic summoning. And it worked. So why would i ever pray to that god if he isnt willing to help me? I will not grovel and beg ever again. Many people on here woek with that god. They just dont go around claiming him yo be the end all be all.


I understand. You’re basing everything off one experience. I made the same mistake before. I noticed that I would have bad luck after certain religious things. So, I stopped certain religious things.

Now I am much wiser. This could easily be evil spirits manipulating people into going down the wrong path.

If you’re counter is, “why wouldn’t God just make it simple and put me down the right path?” Maybe He has and is now? There are countless explanations.

After experiencing full blown all out psychic attacks, I came to realize that God is here to protect me. Satanism wouldn’t stand a chance of defending me in these situations. And there’s more, too.

Only one thing I want to say.

Lucifer has told me that he is not the Satan. “Satan” is something entirely different and may actually be multiple entities.


Im not but sure.

Do you know what Satan is, what he’s capable of, what he’s after? Etc.

Are you talking about Satan or Lucifer they are two different beings. :thinking:

We pretty much agree on everything. You are looking at trees and not the forest. You can change and/or look at most or all these ideas and thoughts differently.

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This is a vague statement with no facts to back up. I highly doubt some fake god will show up if someone tries to pray to the real one.

This was me growing up very much so. I was super close, but parts and paths in my life changed and now I have a super close relationship worth eeek Lucifer. The one demon I refused to woke with for all of my life is the one I am now closest to.


Ah gotcha, I was using it more in the sense of those who work with demons rather than worship, that’s my bad. But either way to denote that Satan is completely evil is incredibly rude especially when many of us have worked with him or demons similar/aligned with him. :woman_shrugging:


I won’t say if it’s rude or not, as others said before, we have people in this platform trash talking about YHWH all the time while we have members who do work with him. It comes to individual experiences after all. For me, Satan came when I called while YHWH, Jesus and rest of company, didn’t show up not even once. Even though I was very devoted once upon a time. But that’s not the only reason why I prefer this path. At the end we all have certain experiences that back up our opinion.

But no, I don’t believe that everyone who turns to demons or Satan or ancient gods, will one day return to YHWH or Christianity. That happens only to those who are uncertain for their path and still keep ties with their past beliefs. To the ones that deep down (or not so deep down) are accepting YHWH as their source and recognize on him their “one true God”. To the ones who are scared about being “damned in Hell for eternity”. Several of us though aren’t like that, so there’s no way to turn back to something that brought us no actual results.


I tell you lol. If people are scared of hell wait until the learn of the duat. And ammit the devourer which eats souls so you cease to exist.