God protected me from Satan

After touting God on this forum, I felt uneasy after sunset. I got bad pain out of nowhere when thinking negative thoughts about Satan. I prayed to God, and they immediately went away.

My negative thoughts were no good reason for Satan to attack me, because they were pretty much subliminal. You know where you are only very lightly thinking about something; it was like that.

I have to spare many, many details, because the people on this forum always censor my posts, since I am for God, and make excuses pointing to the rules as if I did something wrong.


Who in hell “censor” your posts?

You’re allowed to say whatever you want, as long as you don’t attack other users, don’t preach and don’t distribute pirated material.


They said I preached. All I did was compare my experiences with using magic vs. praying to God and having a relationship with God. I revealed that my relationship with God and praying is better because I get similar or better results w/o having to spend a lot of time on meditations and magic.

They might even say that this is preaching and remove it or something?


I still meditate but w/o all the magical stuff associated with it.


I doubt it was satan that attacked you due to your own beliefs, it was most likely self imposed.

No one censors your post, don’t lie, you were preaching telling people that they would be better off working with your God instead of being satanist which barely anyone on here if at all are. Stow the victim complex, you broke a rule and it was handled accordingly.


I did nothing wrong; everyone can choose who to work with. My post can be very beneficial, because it can save people loads of time and energy that they are spending (or wasting) on magical practices.

  1. No-one would have a problem with the above post, which may be a good cause for some self-reflection for others



You’re still here, and I’m hoping you can dial it down a bit.

The forum has several religious members who manage just fine.

So, I question what you’re doing here if the whole topic of black magick makes you so uneasy? :thinking:


How are they wasting their time? because you say so? you told people to turn to your God that’s not helping that’s preaching lol.


I have heard there is some people going door to door to save us all, according to their own worldview (and making fool of themselves by trying to do some very stupid stuff, such as trying to refute books they have not read).

Sounds exactly like this.


Many people who work with “god” dont preach on here like you did. I saw that post and it was preaching. That being said if your knowledge is so needed then why not create a youtube or wordpress to spread it?

So who is your god anyway? Jehovah? Yahweh? Perhaps the demiurge huh? …its all so tiresome…


So, I question what you’re doing here if the whole topic of black magick makes you so uneasy?
I’m here to share my experiences. My experiences can help people.


Then share them but do not preach saying to turn to your God and not be satanist. Our own favorite @Helena works with the same Deity you’re preaching but she doesn’t preach she shares her experiences, there’s a difference.


Look, @roulettekid, everyone here is being reaaaaaally chill.

So, why don’t you just start a journal to record your experience? It is what you want: to share your work. It is encouraged to do that in this forum, after all, since it makes it easier to find information.


There is nothing wrong with your god @roulettekid. The co-founder of this forum, EA Koetting himself, has prayed to, and talked with him, as detailed in his books Questing After Visions and Ipsissimus.

However, when you start going around claiming your view is the Be-All and End-All of everything, it becomes pushing your religion onto others, and many people here have had very negative experiences with religious indoctrination so they don’t take too kindly to that.


Praying is indeed a form of magic.
We are absolutely obsessed with the idea that we are separate from creation while we are part of it.
We do not come into creation but out of it.

Magic is a box that we call to a part of us that we cannot explain well. A power to make your will become real, much like your hand can do your will and type in your keyboard.

There is no separation. The magical world does not exist in the terms that they exist outside creation, it is nothing but additional appendixes attached to you.

Like all appendixes they require training in order for you to be agile with it.


You did, repeatedly.

You did.

No, all you did was to come here after several months of inactivity to tell us “why you should be a Christian or religious vs. Satanist” claiming that “God would like you to share some things”. Work it a bit on your mind and you will figure out where exactly you tried to preach.

This might not be preaching but you opened a thread to QQ about another thread that was reviewed by the moderators and removed from public.


Alright, I am going to say something that might come across a little harsh: I do not care about your religious beliefs. That is your business, not mine. There are no judgements on my end about it, as we all live life our own way. But I do care about knowledge and power, as well as the means to acquire it. And there are plenty of religious individuals (as well as those who are not) who have gained both. So, i am open to reading your experiences, as long as the discussion is kept that way. Let the work do the talking.

As far as this journal goes, is this going to be a prayer record or ritual focused?


The fact that you were attacked by something/someone after mentioning God in this forum, is an indirect recognition of the power of magic…But of course, if you appeal to a supreme power to nullify a lesser one, it shall relieve you of your pain.

However, i wouldn’t suppose it was Satan, maybe just some nasty feellings from someone with strong psychic power.


Not if you’re scared of some of the very same entities we summon for a friendly chat on a quiet evening. :thinking:

You can’t just play the faith card and assume that banishing beings in the name of your god means it’s superior; one can banish beings with a wide number of names and forces, if they’re held with sufficient conviction.

:point_up: Good advice, talk about what you DO, how your prayer or other methods have helped you with real problems, not just a rant at why we should all believe as you do. :wink:


Give me a break. I made one small mistake, which was saying that “you should turn to God.” I can easily repeat all the same stuff I said before and leave out these little detail. For example, I am allowed to recount all my positive experiences with God. Also, people are more important than rules. I care more about helping people and saving them time, then rules, like anybody would.

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