Goals in Magick

What are your end goals that you hope to achieve with your practices?

I know everyone has ascension as a basic goal, but I want to know why you all practice.

Personally, I practice not because I have a goal, but because I want to experience it. In a way, Dio kinda had it right, at least to me:

We’re off to the witch/We may never, never, never, come home/But the magic that we’ll feel is worth the lifetime

Not too terribly long after I started getting into the occult, I determined that it is my true passion in life. Not because I want to be a god or anything, but just the experiencing of it more so than anything. I have leapt into occultism with a passion greater than anything I have ever been passionate about before. I cannot say if it is just novelty, wishful thinking, or just childlike wonder that drew me to occultism, but I absolutely cannot live without it now that it has become a part of my life.

I practice because I can, because I enjoy it, and because I find it something that I can live for. If I were to die because of something related to my foray into the esoteric arts, I would be okay with that, because I feel that this is worth more than a life without it.


Firstly, Apotheosis. To be a God. Immortality and power beyond all imagining is what I want.

Secondly, This: Future Society Based On Equality & Magick?

Thirdly, I want to spend eternity with the people I care about most. I know that sounds sentimental, but life without love would be a soulless mess.

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So personal ascension basically is all that you seek…

@Anziel_Merkaba Not for me. As I said in the post above I seek personal ascent, but also to rule over the dross, and be forever with those I care about most.

If that’s addressed at me, I covered the rest in my post linked above, too busy to retype it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

I practice because it is my nature. My goals shift because that, too, is my nature.



Whatever I do, I ALWAYS come back to the occult. I call it the Call of Magick.

Moreover, while my main goal IS becoming a God, I just love the process itself.


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Magick and the occult are the blood that runs through the veins of my life. Without it, I am a base creature. I practice because it has become a part of who I am. My goals are to better my life and to better humanity, and of course, to reach self actualization and eventually, literal godhood. Claiming dominion over the sheep/dross as @TheStorm put it is also one of my goals.


I cannot say that’s my main reason because I do magick, but I can say that is one of them.
Correct me if I’m wrong; I noticed that this kind of protection some of us have due to magick habits, protect our loved ones too, have you ever witnessed something similar?

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@karasu Not really. I’ve never been in actual danger though (which either says a lot or says nothing about the strength of my wards). Neither has anyone around me.

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My main reason to practice to put it in a nutshell is: When I am on my death bed I want to know I have exhausted my potential and not wasted my time. I step out of the shadow of the god I am.

One of my goals is about relationships; I have the impression to need magic for pushing a bit the events at the beginning, after that it would be fine.
Another is wealth, and speaking of these two I did some operations the last night: a sort of evil eye (i.e. to influence minds without harming health) on photos, a money working, drew alternate sigils for Jupiter, Saturn… I had a feeling of power, as opposed to others sometimes bothering me: loneliness, boredom.
Perhaps I should keep it up, and till now I did wrong, working too little. Albeit there is the opinion, concerning desires, to aim at only one at a time.

I am not even in the occult for a year. However, I am learned so much, changed my perception on life and everything completely, and have manifested/ experienced things that I never thought possible. At this point I cannot say I have an end game goal. At age 30, my reasons for being in the occult are selfish. I want what any 30 year old male would want. More money, power, sex, control, and love. This is why I am on the receiving side more then the giving at the moment (left vs right). Where I will be at the end of my life in the physical realm, not quite sure and it is not on my mind today.

You feel intense desire, a form of love, for that idea. Love doesn’t have to mean sentimental and sappy. :wink:


I have a few fundamental goals:

  • Change is an ever-ebbing process that the world walks upon. I strive to be comfortable changing, accepting change and making change throughout my life in the magical and mundane sense.

  • I will become stable in the future if magic is used successfully and rightfully.

  • I strive to live by the phrase “know thyself”.

  • I accept the fact I can be wrong and I will right all my wrongs.


@Lady_Eva Oh. I think I understand now.

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Omniversal knowledge and power.


Beautifully quoted​:heart::heart::heart:

it helps me understanding the nature of the universe , and since magic is within us It helps me have better understanding of my self as well so basically were working out our subconscious mind,
It gives me full control over my existence
From the people ,moments and energy’s , I choose to manifesting in my life , to the endless wisdom and knowledge that i obtain
That can answer my questions, guide me thro challenges
It helps me have clear sense of my purpose and become the master or your own faith

Huh no wonder is taboo