Gloves are off - I'm destroying this bitch

I think the reason people won’t call upon Andras is because of their fear. We are conditioned from a young age, about what is good and evil. And, demons rank up there as evil. So, if anyone wants to even study about them, depending on how they were raised, they think it’s an automatic ticket to hell and they’re going to be punished for wanting to gain this knowledge.

I’ll admit, at first I was terrified of demons, because of how I was raised, but … Over time, I’ve learned about them. Yes, they can be terrible archenemies, but … They can also make good darn friends and helpers. It’s all about respect.

To my surprise, pleasant surprise at that, Andras likes me and I’m not afraid of him. I never thought I’d see a day that would happen! :slight_smile: Let’s just say, we’ve got an understanding since he “found” me. :slight_smile:


You can always message me on here.

Best choice you have ever made, godspeed.


Exactly. I don’t go around being mean to people but if you fuck with me and mine, I will get you back.


Pazuzu, definitely. He is known for fucking shit up with a person’s wealth and seems to be a guardian type for children.


I still haven’t met him but I know where your coming from I was so scared my first time but I didn’t give up and I actually have learned alot. And even more so good things have been happening since then as well

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Forcalor is awesome too for destroying enemies. Never failed me yet.


Absolutely! I try to treat everyone with respect and kindness,but unfortunately, as I’ve learned in my life, many people take that as a weakness and think they can stab you in the back and you won’t fight back. Wrong. Got tired of being treated like that, so now I’m nice initially but if you step on me for no reason, I have every right to take appropriate magickal action. As a recent utter bitch at my work found out. :sunglasses:


Could you tell me a little more about Pazuzu, please?


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Oh, mi’lady Lillith! Please tell me about Focalor.

I need to set up my, “spiritual battalion” so-to-speak. :slight_smile:

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I definitely can. Without derailing the thread too much, Pazuzu is the Mesopotamian demon/god king of the west winds and known as the bringer of famine (in more modern times, this seems to also include financial ruin). Back then, most offerings to him were meant to appease him so he did not bring destruction into that society. That being said, he did have a benevolent side as he was known as a guardian, as he was invoked to drive out other demons that brought disease (especially to protect women and children). Very powerful being who has brought fast results to me in the past when asked for his aid in a curse (less than 24 hour fast) and has continued to help protect my household.


Scary but friendly in the battle

Feel free to add all you care to. I have a while to go to see results from my work.

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Forcalor is great at destroying enemies. I did a ritual with him a couple months ago to destroy this couple’s business. They are so called occultists. Lol. But they were scamming people big time. Anyhow, they had an online store, making a lot off money from people selling their dubious products and also Magickal courses. I called on Forcalor to collapse their business, and then kind of forgot all about it, not expecting it to manifest so fast. But around 3 weeks later, their store got hacked into and so went offline for a good few weeks.

Then they were also exposed by a former friend as being scam artists. This led to many people demanding refunds from their credit card company and so the couple lost thousands of dollars in lost sales and refunds - around $30 k. :grin: It was a great result. Although they’ve restarted their business again, it’s struggling to be successful, they lost most of their clientele and they are making no where near the money they were before. Plus their reputation is shot to pieces amongst most of the occult community, apart from a few gullible fools that are still stupid enough to believe the scam.


how do you do that?
''Might I recommend Dra’talon of the Anatel House from “The Book of Azazel”?

Once unleashed on your enemy, he cannot be stopped.’’


Keltar is very interesting too

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That’s so great to hear, LuvAndras78. He came to me four years ago when I first started this path. It was an accident that I called him, but he came. Terrified me then, but I want to know have to contact him properly.