Glenn Morris "Path notes" questions

For those who have read “Path notes of an American Ninja Master” by Glenn Morris what is your opinion on the book?

I heard a lot of good things on the forum about it and I started reading it.

I’ve got some questions too:

  1. When Glenn talks about keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth while practicing, where do we have to keep the tongue exactly?
    Tho roof of the mouth has two parts: the bony hard palate in the front, and the fleshy soft palate (called the velum) in the back of the mouth.

  2. Has anyone attempted to reach kundalini by using this method?

  3. Besides keeping our tongue on the roof of the mouth, do we have to do anything else in order to be safe? (Like proper energy work to open the chakras or some type of yoga besides chi kung)

I am interested on doing some daily practice but I don’t want to experience some hardcore side-effects.
Thank you for reading

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On the upper palate, just behind the front teeth.

I have but life got in the way.

Keep yourself flexible. Energy moves best through a relaxed and happy body.

You can do yoga, martial arts, or anything else that keeps your body strong and supple.


I dont think you will face side effects if you do them properly, so, take your time.And yes imo do additional physical work.


@DarkestKnight @anon84423462 thank you for clarifying! I’m thinking of starting this practice soon enough.


Good luck! Recently, interest to this book got raised a bit.I like it.Its very solid and you will have fun :smiley:

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It’s one of the most fun books I have ever read actually and I haven’t even finished it :sweat_smile:

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My husband trains in this art. I think he may actually know Glenn Morris or has met him. Also has trained in Japan with Soke Hatusmi Sensei

I have been taught to keep it right at the curve at the roof of the mouth just behind the teeth. Where that “dip” is

He as reached Kundalini and it’s crucial to be sure you keep yourself connected this way (tongue on roof of mouth) actually at all times during mediation as it keeps you and your chakras in line and balanced.

Just breathing and the tongue and your should be ok.

These are just the things he taught me and he has been studying since the early 80s so I fully trust his judgement and advice (and ive seen proof of it from him as well). It works for us.


This is so awesome!
Thanks for the advice.

The reason why I was confused about this was because I have read another book on kundalini (mainly for knowledge) where there was a very powerful method (author’s words) wich involved keeping your tongue on the soft part of the palate.

The author claimed that this method was extremely fast and powerful but didn’t recommend it for beginners.
The book is called “Kundalini Exposed” by SantataGamana.

It is important to note that qi gong is quite different from Hindu yoga.

In yoga, there are actually multiple positions for the tongue in the mouth, depending on what effect one is striving for. In qi gong, the position Morris describes is the most common one used to close the circuit.

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I have been in the Hombu personally and met/seen Soke. Awesome place!!

Yes keep your tongue on your palate at all times.

Kundalini can be a mind trip and mess you up if you aren’t very careful. He (hubby) said it can really mess with you if you are not prepared as mentally its a “mind fuck” and again very important to keep yourself aligned. Also you need to be fully prepared for the after effects as well. You will be changed. A lot. I have not gone through it yet myself but just am going by what he has told me and what he has warned me of from his own experience.

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Oh, got it now! Thank you

Hubby says…

Think of it as closing the circuit (keeping tongue on the palate where I stated to place it). If its not on the palate the circuit is wide open, and the energy just shoots out instead of going where it needs to go. The kundalini will go up your spine and if your tongue is not connected, the energy will go somewhere else and COULD potentially affect your eyes and mind.

The reason its not meant for beginners is because you’re suppose to mediate for no less than 90 days (continuous practice) to build up your endurance so you can prepare yourself for awakening it (kundalini). This allows you to focus/awaken/cleanse each chakra.