Starting a journal of my experiences working with him. I’ve scoured the internet, articles, forums, and everything I can find is a simple rehash of the ars goetia, or similiar. If anyone is interested, the best article I found was on V.K. Jehannum’s wordpress.

Here on the forum, and elsewhere, one can find alot of UPG on a variety of entities from the Ars Goetia, King Paimon, Belial, Azazel, so on and so forth, but this entity remains allusive. I’ve had some synchronicity in regards to him lately, someone said on a different forum, maybe I’m meant to share my UPG.

I approached V.K, and asked if he could point me in a direction to learning more about Glasya-labolas since his article was the most thorough by far. He told me plenty of magicians work with him, but no one records thier work with him, and when they do write anything, they lean on established work.

I have a member here in particular I need to thank for encouraging me to work with Glasya-labolas, they by far have given me the most insight into working with demonic or infernal current, taken the time to confirm my intuition, and shared thier experiences with me. I owe you more than you know, if you are reading this, you know who you are, thank you so much. If it would not bother you, I may name you in future recordings here.

I’m not sure where to begin, so I suppose I’ll start with a little about myself. My mother was involved with witchcraft, and got me started fairly young, thirteen or fourteen. I practiced up until about nineteen or twenty. Life and drug use happened, and I turned away from magic. I first began working with a hellenic pantheon. Towards the end of my first rodeo, I was reading the keys of Solomon and necronomicon, abrahalim the mage. In October of last year, I began dreaming of Hecate again, vividly, and frequently. For the next month I dived back in, and I was more successful than I could have hoped for. Again, life happened, and the occult took a back burner, until the end of may when I stumbled across E.A’s youtube.

So about mid May to mid June, I studied, relearned as much as I could about what I had forgotten, and pushed on. About the third week in June is when I began working with entities from the Goetia. Originally I had planned on finding one, and just one to work with. Doing my research, Glasya-labolas seemed to be the perfect match. The first description that comes to mind, “An author of bloodshed and Manslaughter” likely puts most people off, it did intimidate me, but, while that may be his most well known aspect, he has a variety areas he is skilled in. Since V.K Jehannum has the most detailed write up, I’ll paraphrase from him.

Glasya-labolas can teach occult secrets, sciences, plants, arts, divination, baneful workings, manipulation of emotions, he can discern peoples true intentions, tell of the past present and future. Give insight to combat skills, teach invisibility.

@anon20147451’s posts gave me the motivation to work with several entities, so far I’ve worked with Beleth, Vine, Orias, Dantalion, Sallos, Belial. Out of all of them, Belial was the most intimidating, and has turned out to be the one I feel most connected to. I feel Glasya-labolas and I will get along in a similiar fashion.

I have invoked Belial only, at this point, him and the others, including Glasya-labolas I have evoked. I can say after invoking Belial I noticed more changes in myself, where as evoking others for the most part has led to several results, along with forming pacts, I can say I have not experienced internal changes I am aware of, although my senses are dull.

A few days ago I evoked Glasya-labolas, after speaking with the member here I previously mentioned anonymously. Just to try and get to know one another, and to help someone else out, which also gives me practice. I felt Glasya-labolas presence as strongly as King Belial’s when I did, almost as if he was already there, just waiting for me to ask.

Like most people, I created his sigil, recited his enn, vibrated it even at points, and opened his sigil. I talked about why I was calling to him, that I wanted to get to know him, learn from him, and asked him to aid me in the work for another, as a shared learning experience, Glasya-labolas to get to know me, and me to get to know him. I gave him my thanks, and asked he accept my offering of blood. I got the sense it should be taken from the thumb, which I thought a bit strange, however I followed my intuition, and placed some on his sigil.

The next day, I noticed some changes, similar to after invoking Belial. I felt hyperaware of my surroundings. I felt almost as if I woke up, with an adrenaline rush. My perception of strangers changed, subtly. I noticed thier movements and actions, as if I were on a hunt. My opinion of most people has always been low, but I noticed I almost didn’t view them as people, more so as sheep, or prey, below me at the very least. Ironically I was in Chicago at the time, not the safest place, full of predators of many sorts. I just felt like the apex predator, so everything below me classified as prey. Awareness of situations, but no fear.

Upon retrospect, I called to him to aid in baneful work, so I have a theory these feelings were a result of seeking that aspect of him. It may have been his way of looking out for me in a potentially dangerous situation. To paraphrase General Mattis, while in Chicago, I smiled, shook hands, and had a plan to kill everyone I met.

I have yet to call upon him again, but I plan on it, soon, by the weekend at least. I will continue to record my experiences as I continue my work with this entity.


Forgot to mention the first time I made contact, was evening, just around sunset. Glasya-labolas has a reputation for being a “day” demon, so I thought daytime was appropriate.

Tried evoking him today, 1600 est. Connection was weak, couple possible reasons, exhaustion going into it, and I’ve slacked off on meditation the past few days. Still I felt a connection was established.

I will try again at night. While there’s alot of established…schools of thought, maybe, on the effects of planetary days and hours, I’ve al also read somewhere time is not linear for spirits, they exist in a dimension outside of our own space time. So my theory is it doesn’t really matter when you try and evoke an entity. If that’s the case, and humans are more open in terms of astral senses at night, then it may be more effective to do evocation or invocation at night, at least for someone at my current level of development.

Then again, time after the night attempt, I may try to evoke on a Wednesday, in the hour of mercury, since Glasya-labolas is associated with that planetary influence. Come to think of it, today was Wednesday, although it likely wasn’t the hour of mercury when I attempted my evocation.

Either way I’ll try and be a bit more thorough in recording dates and times, for those of you who are interested in such things.

To sum it up, evocation I feel was successful, connection was weak. Went to sleep for a few hours afterwards, again, noticed heightened awareness of surroundings. Slight warmth radiated from the sigil I was holding as I got deeper into a trance state, when all was said and done, noticed a bit of temperature difference between the sigil I was not touching, and the paper it was written on I was holding. Few degree difference in heat likely, noticeable but not uncomfortable by any means.


This is interesting


I want to start working with him since he is said to be a darker demon also read that he comes in the form of a younger male almost a teenager and can act like one… what did he look like when you called him??


My senses aren’t that well developed yet, I can sense presence and occasionally get intuition as far as communicating goes, I mostly use divination, although some folks have helped confirm in terms of channeling, like @Mapachtli and @HermDemon


what I can do is sense the energy and vibe they are here also get sharp mental images of what they look like or at least show themselves to me…


I would like to get to that point, right now I’m working without tools other than sigils. I know the rest isn’t necessary, but when I can i plan on going the incense/candle/mirror route as well.


I wonder about the mirror thing do you need a black glass mirror or can use any household mirror?? I always just see myself in them but I look like a crazed mad man with intense eyes…

Its good to use a black mirror… And its easy because you can make it on your own…


5 am EST. Was still dark, connection was better this time. Spent roughly forty minutes reciting enn, and meditation on the sigil.

I drew this sigil completely freehand, which I’m terrible at. The scale is off, but seems to work still. Oddly enough the outer ring with his name seems to flash before the rest of the sigil does. If any of you have ever taken LSD, it seems the center with the actual sigil “breathes”. For those of you not familiar with that drug, the sigil seemed to pulsate in a way. Also noticed as the time wore on the sigil seemed to darken from the outside in as I gazed at it.

To empower it, I tried a technique I learned from @anon47923162, which I believe stems from Franz bardon. The technique is fairly similar to charging an object, but it focuses on breathing in a white light throughout your body, exhaling black or grey, and pushing the energy from your environment into the object. I visualized the opposite colors for this working, breathing in black.

I tried summoning rage and hate for the target of this working, which was more difficult than I thought, considering I never met the target. To compensate for this I briefly thought of someone in my life that warranted these emotions, and when I felt an increased level of emotion, switched my train of thought to the target, pushing into the sigil at that point.

These visualizations were taking place as I saw the sigil begin to darken. At the height of the experience, the sigil seemed to briefly take the appearance of a skull, similar in fashion to the totenkof symbol used by the SS. At this point, I felt an electric shiver start from the top of my head, and course to the soles of my feet. It was then I took my knife, cut my finger, and added more blood to the sigil. I ended with asking Glasya-labolas for his continued help in the matter.

I do not feel the sigil is sufficiently charged yet, so today I am carrying it on me. When I do feel it has an adequate charge, I plan on burning it.

After effects, I felt tired for a bit, and went into it full of energy. Instead of the hyper awareness I’ve come to expect, my energy level returned fairly quickly, although not at the peak levels I went into the working with. I also felt very focused, almost tunnel vision for the next few hours, and even now I still feel more focused than usual.


Here’s V.K. Jehannum’s write up I mentioned for anyone interested, it’s the most comprehensive write up on Glasya-labolas I’ve been able to find, and really gave me a greater appreciation for this entity.


This is a good depiction of him. When I met him I got the feeling of a “ columbine kid” and he was ridiculously intelligent. He has a number of abilities and is very loud upon announcement.


If you have any insights or personal gnosis regarding Glasya-labolas feel free to share here. I think there’s a severe lack of information regarding this entity, compared to the more popular ones. I believe him to either be underrated or seen as not very approachable.


My experience was positive. I heard not a growl per se but a sort of rumble perhaps? Like I said he is very intelligent and explains the mechanics of how he operates and even compared it to other entities and how it’s the same principle no matter their specialty.

Many people think he is evil and dark and destructive but he explained how his energy is naturally occurring and it’s our own perspective that is skewed. Everything is primal.

He was very kind to me and patient with my questions about himself and I always ask for confirmation that the entity is who they say they are. I say he’s loud because he shook a wrought iron piece of artwork I have hung for a good 2 minutes making a loud vibration.


I asked him if he chose his specialty or it was given to him and he explained he just IS. And went onto explain how each entity has their own primal drive but it’s all the same. Love for example begins as a seed and becomes a desire then a need and needs to be satiated. As does manipulation. As does bloodshed. It’s not the ACT that is desirable but the satiety of the primal drive.


He is the one who can help people with learning foreign languages, I don’ t think this was mentioned in Jehannum’ s site …

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If you want I could try to deliver a message to Glasya-Labolas and channel a reply or similar. I would be interested in seeing the result of such an attempt.


I’ll pm you, thank you, you know better than most my level of development, or lack thereof.


Here’s the results of the channeling for anyone interested. It meshed with some things I had already planned on doing, and gave me extra homework heh. I’ll be visiting some friends for a few days, and working the ritual outlined here along with another one on the 27th.

The channeling taken directly from my logs forgive the misspellings but this was done through basically automatic typing with my hands possessed. If you need any clarifications let me know. He was a bit difficult to get in touch with at first but contact got more solid about halfway through until he cut it off.

((Communication with Glasya-Labolas))
(Are you willing to communicate?)
yes iam
(Justin wishes to inquire about the work he is doing with you and if a pact is in order)
a pact would be useful though he must proges further before I allow such immedietaly call upon my other powers my knowledge will do good to aid in the task. call o me when the moon is dark and blood is thin the night sky wails my name the day brough by fire by the sun within and wtihout for the purpose you wish call me on that time. five points with five firses to call me one for each call and one for each question to fulfill seve n are the day sbu on one i shall heed the call in full by then by the fire the sight is trained practice this unit the eyes burn and the ears hear only the flame without cease or quenching do not quench the thought of blood that is not in question here.
(Communication ceases at this point. The method of calling given goes by inverting the previously relied upon order for calling calling the powers of day by night. So a new sun must be made to call by in the ritual formed by the five fires and an accumululation of similar energy within. The day should be one when it is the new moon or the moon is fully obscured from view and there is a strong wind. The second practice outlined is using fire as a medium to increase astral senses but focusing on its sight and sound physically and in the imagination until it can be full recreated and from that mental place attention redirected through the senses. Blood is thin likely refers to the feeling that is also had from intense exhaustion and sleep deprivation which would further sensitize the mind.)


Been a while since I added to this. Friday rolled around and I performed the ritual as outlined above. Felt a connection to him fairly rapidly.

I went into it not really knowing what to expect, and I’m still processing everything. I assigned a question to each candle, and they burned with different rates, and flames. I felt by observing them as I focused on each question held a meaning, some I’m still deciphering.

The candles were equal tapers, some burned quicker than others, despite the order in which they were lit. As most of you know, I began working with him in a baneful capacity. That candle produced the tallest and most erratic moving flame, and was the last to go out.

I asked about developing a couple of areas of myself, or abilities, and forming a pact, along with a personal matter.

The personal matter seemed to burn with the second tallest flame, and steady, very little drippings, until the very end where the nature of the candle holder made it impossible to avoid drippings.

The three candles about development and a pact, all seemed to burn out very close to one another, the pact being the last to do so. Some of the drippings ran together, connecting the candles.

My mentor seemed to think they were all good signs, and she gave me some interpretations from the patterns left, and from the description of how the flames reacted.

Another person that has helped me in many ways as well interpreted things in line with what mentor stated, along with suggesting a personal sigil was formed, one I will try out eventually.

All in all fairly uneventful, although I think there was merit. In some ways i think Glasya-labolas aided me in the next working i performed, related to the personal matter. Alot of unusual shit took place there, deepest trance state I’ve obtained, incense combusting instead of smoldering, along with some other events, but here isn’t really the place to discuss that.