Some other thoughts. After performing my ritual with Glasya-labolas, and asking for aid in development, I have noticed a shift in my perception. I seem more focused in an odd way. Almost detached from everything around me, it’s a subtle change and hard to describe.

In a way its similar to the sort of focus I felt when working exclusively with him in a baneful capacity, although that had a more a primal feel to it. This is more of a cold, clinical focus, or sense of awareness, of my surroundings.


I’ve been thinking of working with this demon regarding a personal issue. Thanks for all the details you’ve given me! I’ve been thinking of asking the members of the forum to help me with a black magick working to stop two people before they destroy countless lives, but then I thought, “Glasya-Labolas!” I’m fighting a broken system, and this guy might be the man I need to make something happen.

My senses are woefully underdeveloped, though, so how do I know if he’s accepted my pact? I really suck at being able to even sense the presence of the supernatural. I’ve tried working with Belial, too, but it’s hard to tell if he heard and is helping me through this.


Last night I dreamed that I was in a lavish warehouse loft with my wife,
Owned by a woman with red hair.
She had esoteric art hanging on the walls
And occult literature.
She specifically had a book titled “Glasya Labolas”
And though she was friendly in a young person at a party type of way, she kept making cracks at how my circumstances aren’t up to par, as I had no shoes on and no money and didn’t bring anything to the table to the party.

At this point, I have been asking Lucifer to help make my Magick potent - I am working on changing my life to a wealthy one - I am also attacking and fucking up the lives of people who kicked me when I was down, so to speak, when I was younger.

I guess Glasya Labolas is offering his services.

I wonder who the woman was in the dream though.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Glasya. Sounds like he wants something for the effort.

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Well, perhaps the Duchess called upon you. She did it with me and not the other way around as most of us may think. IM referring to the Duchess Bune. She can make people into queens and kings with her ‘bountiful opportunities’ as She told me. But one has to WORK for it and not merely be sitting on the arse…excuse my French.

The Marquise has long blonde hair and tan-reddish skin.

Find a scryer

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Sandlewood is my go to for Glasya, or cedar. Orange or black candle, but eh. Color isn’t as important as intent or energy you put in to offerings. Blood is always appropriate. Meditate daily, both on something and on nothing, this will help develop your ability to “see” and “hear”. Don’t get caught up in descriptions like dumb bitch above. These are entites and most of the traditional sources have multiple descriptions for them, it’s obvious they can take any form they want. Your ability to perceive does not dictate thier ability to perceive you.


I’d laugh at that. Glasya is probably my number two guy, behind Belial, and he has a host of valuable areas, aside from cursing. He can teach alot of shit, is great for divination, he’s great for protection, he also can spark friendship and love.

He probably didn’t like YouTube guy.

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There are a lot of good YT channels when it comes to spirits and whatnot, but for the most part, don’t put too much stock into what they claim on there.

Use common sense, your better judgement and form your own opinion when watching anything on YT. It’s great for entertainment, but as far as information & research, maybe go beyond YT.

As far as Glasya-Labolas, I called him a few times and I’m still here :woman_shrugging:t6: I don’t call on him for slaughter, I call on him for other reasons.

Good luck :bouquet:


Glasya Labolas is a powerhouse.