Glasya Labolas woke me up last night

So last night, sometime after midnight I was woken up by someone knocking on my mattress.

The only way it can describe it, is that for a brief second it was as though the mattress was solid(like a door), and I could both hear, and feel the six knocks onto the mattress. I woke thinking it was my partner, but he was happily snoring away, so it wasnt him! Even in a semi conscious state, I could tell the knocking came from the mattress, not part of the bed. The frame of our bed is wrapped in a denim like fabric, so there is no way a knock that solid could come from it anyway. It was so weird.

I rolled over, got comfortable to go back to sleep when I heard a voice, somewhere between masculine and feminine, and kind of raspy. “You have called me, and I wish to help, I am Glasya Labolas.”
Without even thinking I stated what I required, and with a few brief back and fourths about the finer details that was it, it will be done. She left.
Now I say she only as I’ve always perceived GL as a woman, wrath goddess. Dress in a wild black dress with long dark hair that dances in an invisible hurricane as she speaks. And while I understand that’s not the typical representation, it has remained consistent through my workings.

Earlier that night I had read through Winterfields book, Massive Attack, and while her name was mentioned (along with my multitudes of others), I did not have any intent on working that way, at this time. The master curse appealed to me, but felt my situation did not need such a heavy approach.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a demon reach out so directly, and offer to assist. Let’s see where this takes me!


And again last night! Only two knocks this time, but still woke me up.

On that note, does anyone have any suggestions for offerings to Glasya Labolas?
I’d like to give my thanks for reaching out and offering to help.

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