Glasya Labolas evocation today

Hello all.

I’ve done evocations before and so far been successful. I usually go under the assumption they worked even if i dont hear or see them. Sometimes I sort of hear them. I did an evocation with Azazel where I probably heard him the most clear. Lucifer as well though it was more of a strong presence and feeling.
They came through strong even though my third eye isn’t all the way open.
I’m working on that.
Other spirits I’ve evoked didnt come thru as clear but I can say they were successful with the results I got from them.

Today i did an evocation with the Great President and Duke Glasya Labolas for the first time. I didnt hear him I just stated my request and what i would do in return. I’m going to assume it was successful and was accepted.

My question to BALG is, is there anyone on here who already has a relationship with him and can they ask him on my behalf if it was accepted?

In the meantime of course, I’m going to assume it is and work on keeping up my end as normal.


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Anyone…? :slight_smile::grin:

Hey there,

Ive been working with Glasya Labolas for some months now. However, I dont think it would be constructive for anyone to ask on your behalf. If at the moment of evocation, you felt like it was accepted then it most likely was. If you have doubts you should evoke again and double check, respectfully. Or do a Tarot reading. Or some other form of divination.

I do think your initial idea of just accepting it was correct. Trust your instincts here. This is between you and the spirit. Its your request. If you truly feel the need to check, check with the entity directly. There will be some sort of sign, even if its just a gut feeling. Im now repeating myself xD

Sorry for not being more of a help.


I appreciate the advice, your probably right. For now I’m proceeding as if it was accepted and I’m already working on my part of the offering. So I will continue to do that. I may also try another evocation later today or tomorrow.
Thank you! :grinning:

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hey everyone I am brand new to all of this but would like to invoke said author of blood shed Glasya-Labolas does any one have some pointers for how to start?

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