Giving Tarot readings (closed)

So I just got my shirt that is the queen of wands card for my tarot set I’ma wear the shirt and see if it helps my intuition. Feel free to pm me for a reading I always respond sometimes it takes a little bit of time. I’m still reading and merging my own intuition and the cards written explanation for the answers but I do tend to draw the accurate cards for question, some times a question will be answered with just advice from the cards I believe it’s them saying to do this to achieve what your seeking otherwise no. I recently did a read where they asked who should I work with angel Djinn or another sorry other for forgetting and when I drew the card for angels to reveal there message the angel card fell out of deck while shuffeling was face down but I knew it fell on purpose decided it was the read then flipped the angel card. Anyways let’s do this I’m doing 1 or 3 card pulls and also willing to do scans for anyone who wants one. I don’t generally o general reading please ask a question


I will take one reading if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

will PM you

Ok do you want me to do a scan aswell with the reading?

I would pm you for a card pull but new account lol.

scan me brother

Sure :slight_smile:

Writing the PM rigjht now

I do love me some tarot readings as well, I’ll pm you

ill take one if you dont mind, and a scan if you want as well

my question: what is in store for me in the area of Love?

I start by imaging your display picture and thinking about your energy, I then see a black dragon skinny appearing sorta like the magic the gathering plains walker dragon, then I see four humanoid arms going circular then see Hanuman he takes his scepter and points it towards my 3rd eye… I ask who can show me a message for 13blueGemini I see Hanuman still for a moment then see a giant green dragon like the one from dragon Ball Z I think the message is to get more physically in shape combining the spirit and physical to achieve your wishes

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I’d appreciate a scan and reading. Question. What is my true purpose?

Will get to you all just a reminder ask a question please and I might doa single card pull or I might do a three card pull. I gotta o a purple real quikein pm then will be right back

Can I have a scan and a reading? My question is : I work on something for almost a year ,will it be successful in the end? Thank you !!!

what a great scan! I’ll definitely take your advice brother

means a lot

So I started a scan and seen a heArt I assume it’s yours then see a arm with a piercing object that it uses to grab hold of your heart, I try to get an image of the being that snagged the heart and on the other side of my mind’s viewing field I see a giant spider I think they chose that image to make it easier for you to tell who it is then as I think about writting that it showed me a diamond I thought about it as a ring and seen a sexy women with horns wearing ivon her finger she reminds me o a goat. I asked what else could she show me I help you identify who and then see a dolphin I think to trigger a memory’ that you’d associate it with them. So there definitely a spirit that seems like you need o either get more loving from and not think about physical or set better boundaries about what’s allowed cause I think they would scare say potential women I ask and thebiage of her nodded yes she would. I can tell she loves you so setting better ground rules or just going over them could help. I’ma draw a card now about what you should expect in love.
But first I’ma see what random images I’ll be shown to share with you there’s a really cool knight wearing all dark grey almost black but not yet black armor his helmet has horns, and a very impressive long sword with lots of engravings, I try to get a better image of the engravings and see like Celtic triangles interwined together there not on the sword just seen them, I tSry to picture the engrravig on sword and see grey dragon breath fire it then shows me a face tht I can’t make out that reminds me of a mammoth it’s skeletal I’ve also had the main goat stanic image showing a bit but not coming in clear just makes me think lawful evil tpye as I write that I seen a toad, then a see a man figuRe with a long face like Anubis but not Anubis pet the toad I try to see more into it and see my view zoom in on the toad then into it’s eyes I can’t make out the image but I know it’s looking at you I try again to see and see the goat man and like a circle thats made of bone weaving that has little circles all around the sun circle. He then presents a dagger to you I thought about checking hoa much of an offering it was to you and checked the energy on it by thinking about prickin h finger on it and it made me scared so definitely a wep not just a image th dagger is wide at the handle the blade like 3-inches wide and goes out about 6 inches maybe seven to a point there’s no crv to the blade both sides are straight and meet at the middle. As I try to get an image of thE handle I see like a twisted steel image for thE main handle and the guards are two that I cannot see the image of when I tried I see a dragons face breathing flames when I try to see a image o the pummel it has a small part where it goEs round then has jagged pieces come out in a pattern all seemingly sharp but when I try to picture it I see a knight in armor I think that does the toad offer in association to the dagger and the blade of it starts to show itself turning overall slightly green with dark green veins running through it. Immediately I thought I’m glad I didn’t thinkg about touching the tip of the blade with y finger Agile the poison was allready on it, start to feel excited worried exelirated as I write that, the twisted part of thE handle is just one obthe different images it gave me of the knife.
And out of curiosity are out scared of snakes? Had random thought about that to see and thought he scared of sorry bout that not sonthing I need to know about you. Buvahn I asked that Ina my mid I seen a circle around a sales head that had fangs out and venom dripping,

Would love a scan back, and please take a moment just to sy thank you for the dagger to them.

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Me please!

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damn, i didnt know you could see all that


If you are still doing this I would love one. I might pass back out on you though.

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Hi I would love a scan and card too .

I will pm u the question

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Sorry for delay have a few I As oig in pm and doing both read and draw takes a bit I get carried away in scans.

I seen a flower like six petals open I reform the image and see it’s yellow and white stripped, when it first appeAred the image changes a few times o the flower even seeing a daffadil which is azazels favorite flower then I thought of it being connected to you and seen a Venus fly trap but the first flower is more connected the Venus my trap makes me think our accidently vampire people your around or on purpose. There was a bee simple bee awaiting to land the whole time on the flower but then a bat flea by and snatched the bee I try to see the bats face and it transforms into a red bird I think red it orta hazy image it’s has a normal shape like a black bird would have but the whole time I seen from bat to bird protecting you from the bee I assume there was a circleral crest like made of metal on its chest I try to get an image of the crest but can’t I think Lilith but have the feeling it’s not related to her she’s just in my mind then I see a snake hissing and wonder what the bird feels about the snake and the bird flys away with eggs now under it with that crest on them and the snake coils up around them. Very interesting hopefully you understand it more then me.

I’ma draw cards now, I drew three most energy came from queen of swords (Amazon)
Then the knight of pentacles (warrior) felt cold
The first card that I felt energy on but wasn’t strong enough to me for life purpose was wheel of Fortune upside-down (Inquisitor)

So the queen of swords is very about Independence and holding yourself and others to high standards. This part from the reading stood out

Her true motive is to refine the world, to upgrade peoples’ understanding – so that everyone can have the space they need to become fully themeselves.
So I think the card gave a good ideal for what’s the purpose for you but keep in mind

From the intuition made me think servitude towards others powers might come in play buvthe cards meaig revealed that it’s your influence and resources that play such a crucial Role in battle when you finally do decide to participate, the card has the castle keep on fire behind him so I believe it’s coming to the aids of others not attacking is where you come into play, the meaning writting states that your easy o product actions and woRkings keep that in mind and let ourself be manipulated it also had this part in the meaning section that I liked and will share.
He is earthy and gentle, as simple and deep as the soil he tills and the flowers he loves"

The wheel of Fortune says you should aim a little bit more modestly in the futuRe to avoid feeling like our cRashed and are Regathering youRself. It also states how youR a huge help when you help others, I will take notice in the image on the card itself he’s just getting his hands to very bottom o the wheel showing how it’s mainly just up to go from here but reminds us that it’ll neveR be a all pleasure rride when tryin to fullfil our purpose in life, protecting others seems to be a very big theme in this card pull and in the scan the snake protected the eggs not ate them so consider taking on so people who need help spiritully or however you can just don’t let them manipulate you because they see a cycle o youR action s.
I did mini scan again for what is your porpuse and seen like a shadowy figure I oudn make out that seemed to be directing you the king persay, you were in armor on a horse and about to go out and I assume defend people, I got an image o that when writting that, the image of the warrior flashed. I asked what they
Thought abouvthe wheel cared being revealed and then the horse stommped on the image of the card saying I wasn’t supposed to flip it or may part, it was a small energy pull from it.

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Ty stregthenrd warrior I go alot better at scannig lately as long as I can keep my mind from imputing my ideas,

And sorry everyone it’s taking so long I’ll get to you all I just go alot o people to do and tend to take a while for each draw and scan,